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Handwritten Thank You Notes-There’s an App for That-BOND-$100 Giveaway

Handwritten Thank You Notes-There's an App for That-BOND-$100 Giveaway
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BOND gifts handwritten note

How many times have you meant to send a nice thank you note?

You had a lovely stay, a lovely dinner, a lovely time, and then a few weeks have passed you’ve been on the road, never sent a note, and now you feel like a schmuck.

An e-mail thank you is just not classy enough. Really, it’s not. If there had been technology then, Emily Post would have invented BOND gifts.

Recently I received a lovely note from my friend Andy, it was on thick creamy card stock, the sentiment beautifully hand written, even my address. I thought, “what a renaissance man, I am so impressed.” At the tail end of his missive he wrote, “I sent this from my phone.”

Say what? Handwritten notes from your phone? 

How it works:

  • BOND is an app, you download it to your phone, easy peezy.
  • Shop from the app for incredibly tasteful gifts, or just send a note (use the code LTMNOTE and try it out right now, this code will give you unlimited free notes, you’re welcome). If you’ve never app shopped, I apologize in advance for your future addiction. I bought all of my chandeliers for our summer home from a flash sale app while I was sitting in carpool line.
BOND gifts

Buying this for Mr. LTM birthday-LOVE


BOND gifts

For the executive, or trust fund baby, who has everything


BOND gifts app

It’s an iPad cover-and I need it


BOND gifts app

Cute baby not included

  • Send a gift with a handwritten note, or just send a note. Did I mention the notes have waxed seals?

Win a $100 BOND credit in my swell little giveaway.

You can enter more than once:

Comment below on a time that you wish you had sent a thank you note, but didn’t
Like BOND on Facebook (include link in separate comment for entry credit)
Follow BOND on Twitter (include link in separate comment for entry credit)

Just in case you are wondering (because I was), they do not have a basement full of undocumented workers with excellent penmanship crafting notes, it’s a robot. I know, right?

Check it out:

Download the app HERE and make Emily Post proud.

Winner will be chosen by on Wednesday November 6 at 9:00am ET

I was not compensated for this post, in the words of Will McAvoy, “I’m on a mission to civilize.” I think this app is right up there with the invention of bacon flavored doughnuts and want to spread the word.


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