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Helping Mothers on Mother’s Day

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Sometimes I get an offer I can’t refuse. Promote some gorgeous earrings that are loved by celebs around the world, give away a pair to my darling readers, and help moms caring for their sick children. Seriously, how could I say no?

Mother’s Day Earring Giveaway


Sachin and Babi make these fashion mag famous earrings that retail for $250. A quick search revealed that they are sold out at places like Nieman Marcus, etc. You can buy them online through their website and they are giving 20% of every earring sale to SickKids Foundation through Mother’s Day.


A cute celeb sporting the black grape earrings:


sachin and babi


Me getting ready for a gala last week and trying out the rose grape earrings. They are clip back which feels impossibly chic and old school. Each pair is handmade in India and they are incredibly light and delicate. No fewer than a dozen people stopped me to compliment my earrings. I am giving away an identical pair on Mother’s Day, details at end of post.


sachin and babi



sachin and babi

What SickKids Foundation stands for:

SickKids is fighting to make every kid a healthy kid. And we need you to join us in that fight.


The last 10 years have opened up tremendous possibilities in children’s health. There have been huge advances in genetics, regenerative medicine, robotics, medical imaging, and information technology. SickKids has been part of them all.


We are taking on – and winning against – the greatest challenges in child health. But we won’t rest until we’ve finally won.


Join our fight – It’s you and SickKids VS everything that affects kids’ health.


You VS Outdated Infrastructure
We need tools that are as cutting-edge as our knowledge. Fund the fight to provide SickKids doctors, researchers and nurses with the resources to apply treatments and learnings. Help us cure, reduce a child’s pain and lower the risk of complications.


You VS The Unknown
Knowledge saves lives. Fund the fight to pioneer new possibilities in treatment and cure. SickKids 2,000 researchers make advances every day that bring new hope to children and their families. Help us breakthrough with research.


You VS Missing Childhood
Kids are not mini adults. Their needs are different. Fund the fight to help children treated at SickKids feel comforted through difficult times and have joyful childhood experiences. Help us care with compassion.


You VS Boundaries
Where you live shouldn’t determine if you live. Fund the fight to bring SickKids level of care to as many children as possible. Here at home and around the world. Help us expand our reach.


How can you help?


Click on the Sachin and Babi website and order any pair of earrings, 20% goes to SickKids. Comment on the link below about what you want for Mother’s Day, one of the comments will be chosen and I’ll send you a pair of the rose grape earrings. The same pair I have and absolutely adore. The winner will be chosen on Mother’s Day, whenever I wake up.



sachin and babi


I was not compensated for this post, Sachin and Babi sent me a pair of earrings to try because I don’t promote anything I don’t really love, and a pair to give away, because you’re going to love them too.



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