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29 September, 2020

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Safari by Geoffrey Kent

Safari by Geoffrey Kent
Read Carefully


Travel icon and ridiculously photogenic adventurer, author and travel pioneer Geoffrey Kent is releasing a memoir tomorrow.


Last night at his launch party he said he hoped the book would do well, I said if he gave me a signed copy for the Luxury Travel Mom audience that would make all the difference. So he did, and I’m giving it away to one reader today. The book is Safari by Geoffrey Kent – A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer and you can’t buy it on bookshelves until tomorrow.


I don’t collect much, outside of shoes and children. But signed books are my weakness. As a writer I fawn over authors the way some people do rock stars. When I met Anna Quindlen and she signed her book to me “from one writer to another” I teared up.


So this is a quick post, because I actually have to work here today. Like actual work. No floating around in pools and photographing myself drinking cocktails.


So because I love words, I love quotes and one of Geoffrey’s is my fave “Adventure by day – Luxury by night” give me YOUR favorite quote in a comment below. I’ll pick the winner tonight and put the book in the mail to you from Vegas tomorrow.



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