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29 September, 2020

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Win Free Ski Clothing Rentals from KitLender

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What’s the hardest part of skiing? Besides the actual sliding down the icy hill part?


The gear of course! Whether you’re a pro ski mom who’s been doing this for years or you’re just starting out, rest assured, getting the gear right is hard for everyone.


Did you know you can rent the gear you need? Everything from gloves to goggles, ski pants and jackets.



rent ski clothes


This is the list you need for each child, I’ve taught four children to ski, trust me on this packing list. You can substitute sweats, leggings and even pajama bottoms for the base layers but you really need ski pants, goggle and ski gloves. Helmets can be rented with the skis, boots and poles. Buy ski socks, trust me on this one.


Only skiing once this winter? Kids changing sizes too fast? Want to try skiing but don’t want to invest in the gear? Rent.


KitLender rents everything you need for a weekend, or a season. Use the code LuxMom10 for 10% and/or join us at 2 pm for a #skimoms Twitter chat and a chance to win rental kits. We are giving away two sets of kits, each for two rentals.


SkiMoms Twitter Party Image- Feb 16th



RSVP below and follow along on #skimoms to win!



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