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Lay-n-Go Luxury Travel Mom Kim-Marie Evans Travel Gift Ideas

At least once a day someone asks me “how do you do it?”

By “it” I’m assuming they mean maintain the facade of being some sort of supermom who can juggle a travel writing career with four kids (who go to four schools), and the puppy.

I don’t do it well, but I have a few tricks. Good packing is one of them. I fly every two weeks on average. It’s hard to pack the right shoes, right clothes, right electronics. Those things change every trip. My make up stays the same however. I’ve tried buying separate make up for travel and home. I always steal something from one or the other and don’t realize it until it’s too late. Make up is also always the last thing I pack since I put it on as I’m running out the door for the airport.

I received a Lay-n-Go make up case for review. When I looked at it I thought I was going to hate it. It’s not see through, it doesn’t separate things, it made no sense to me.

Then I used it. Turns out it’s exactly what I need. I open it up and don’t even need to lay out my make up on the counter, cinch it up and off I go in about 2 seconds flat. It slides easily in to the outer pocket of my carry on suitcase. The one downside is that it blends with the black suitcase pocket and I actually lost it in one for a few months. Yes, I’m blaming the make up case for me losing it.

Lay-n-Go makes a lot of other cool similar products for toys, I have to say, it really is a brilliant design. I like it so much I’m buying a few as Christmas gifts. Shhhh.



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