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29 September, 2020

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How to be a Mom Boss

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I know, it sounds like Mob Boss, and really, I think the character traits needed for both roles are similar. You need to be a bad ass, have a great community and be willing to do whatever it takes.


My friend and mentor Nicole Feliciano just released her book “Mom Boss – Balancing Entrepeneurship, Kids and Success”. Let’s start with the fact that she does over a million dollars in sales annually, finds time for yoga and her adorable little girls. I remember meeting Nicole years ago at a blogger event, I thought her idea for her website, Momtrends, focusing on fashion trends for moms was brilliant but wondered how far it would really go. It turns out, um, huge. Along the way Nicole has helped me learn about digital publishing and fashion editorial. She’s also big on getting paid for what you do, I’m still learning that lesson.


I just finished reading “Mom Boss”. If you aspire to a business of your own in any way, whether it be Rodan and Fields or a multi million dollar e-commerce site, and you want to do it on your terms, terms that allow you to have your own business and still make it to soccer practice, “Mom Boss” is a must read. Full disclosure, she interviewed me for the book. I thought I was going to be a footnote, when I read the chapter including me I cried. I created Luxury Travel Mom from, well, nothing, and to be recognized as a Mom Boss really overwhelmed me. But this is part of Nicole’s secret sauce, I won’t give away all of her advice, because honestly, you need to read the book. But here are a few of the Mom Boss truths that are going on my white board:


Don’t Pull Up the Ladder Behind You – successful women and moms need to reach back and give those just starting out a hand up. I can tell you that this is EXACTLY what Nicole has done for me, she doesn’t just say it, she does it.

Say Thank You – her chapter on gratitude made me realize that I don’t say thank you nearly enough and I have far too much pretty stationery in my desk drawer that really needs to be sent to those who’ve helped me along the way.

Know Your Worth – I struggle with this one every day. Too often I have worked for free. “Exposure” doesn’t pay the Amex bill, it never has and it never will. From now on I plan to channel my inner Nicole when negotiating deals.


There is so, so much more in this fabulous book. Even if I weren’t in it, I would recommend it. I read it cover to cover and learned a lot that honestly, you would think I already knew. Note to self, why exactly don’t I have an accountant?


Nicole is on tour, click HERE for book tour details. If you live in the tri-state area and want to meet me, Nicole and Nina (founder of momAgenda) we’ll be at an event in Old Greenwich on October 4th, details to come.






And if you buy through this link, I think I’ll make like a nickel from Amazon, woot, am on my way!





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