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The New Droid Ultra – Review

The New Droid Ultra - Review
Read Carefully
Droid Home Screen

Droid Home Screen

As a Verizon Lifestyle blogger I receive products for review. Those who know me know I might be the least technical person in the world. For this reason I outsource these reviews to my experts. Also known as my children.

This review of the new Droid Ultra is from my 13 year old son. He is smarter than I am, really.

Sometimes he has to explain things slowly to me

Sometimes he has to explain things slowly to me

JJ’s Review-In His Own Words:

Google is a driving force for innovation in the realm of technology. They have created devices such as Google Glass and the Google self driving car. However, not many people think about their amazing affordable devices. The Droid Ultra provides a variety of features, 2GB of RAM, 166GB (um correction, JJ says it’s 16 and he’s horrified I didn’t know the difference) of storage and a 1280X720 screen.

The Droid Ultra is not like other phones, it runs on Google’s custom operating system Jelly Bean 4.2.2. It has a lot of cool features like zap, which is a way of beaming information to other Droid users. You can keep widgets open on your home screen so you don’t have to completely unlock your phone to do things like read your texts. When the phone reaches like 14% of battery it goes in to a power saving mode. It also boasts a price tag of $100 compared to the iPhone 5s at $300.

This is some game that comes with the phone, it involves GPS and the whole world, I don't get it

This is some game that comes with the phone, it involves GPS and the whole world, I don’t get it

Additionally, the Droid has facial recognition unlocking, Google calendar and it syncs to Google Drive. Not only that, but if you lose your phone and it’s on silent you can go to your computer, log in to the Google account synched to your phone, unlock it and change it from silent to max volume. Or if it’s really, really lost you can remotely find it, lock it, and wipe it clean.

JJ probably has the phone set up so I couldn't get it back anyway

JJ probably has the phone set up so I couldn’t get it back anyway

I still don’t understand why Google hasn’t taken over the world yet. There is a typing feature I can’t explain to my mom, it involves dragging your fingers to type rather than picking them up. Jellybean 4.2.2 also comes equipped with an app called Quick Office. This app allows you to create Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents and it works with Google drive. Audible, Amazon and Amazon Kindle also come with this phone. I have all of my Google hangouts on this phone, you don’t even need Skype.

Droid Ultra
Apple products may look beautiful, but Google phones are more powerful, cheaper and more advanced.

If you still use an Apple phone after reading this, good luck.

JJ gets to keep the Droid in return for reviewing, also, I still don’t understand Google Drive or Google Docs, but it is clear that they are the future and I might have to ditch my iPhone and learn them. The Droid was sent to me at no charge for review purposes, neither JJ or I were compensated for our review.



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