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5 Good Reasons to Leave the Kids Home on Your Next Vacation

5 Good Reasons to Leave the Kids Home on Your Next Vacation
Read Carefully

I know what you’re thinking. There are really a million good reasons to leave them home, but I’ll keep it to just five.

Traveling with your family can be fabulously rewarding, memories made, cultures experienced, minds opened. You get me.

Luxury Travel Mom

Taken in Parrot Cay-credit to Tropical Imaging

Traveling without them can be equally fabulous and here are my top reasons why:

1. Sex

Oh come on. You know you were thinking it. If you weren’t, your husband or significant other was. Our first child wakes up at 6:00am, the last one goes to sleep at 11:00pm, you do the math. There is something about a mid-day nap and no laundry duty that makes everything sexier. Add an umbrella drink and badda boom badda bing.

Luxury Travel Mom

Mr Evans is behind the camera telling me how hot I am-he’s got moves like Jagger


2. Peace and Quiet

When was the last time you got to finish a thought, sentence, or book? You know it’s a war tactic to drive POW’s crazy by constantly interrupting their thoughts. I’m pretty sure this technique is being taught in pre-schools nationwide. A grown ups only vacation gives you the luxury of blissful quiet. So quiet you can actually doze off mid-day. Really. These sappy shots are all from our anniversary trip to Four Seasons Cost Rica that Mr. Evans surprised me with.


I love this pic of Jeff walking the beach-I took it with a zoom lens-not sure he even knows I have it

Luxury Travel Mom

I actually read the whole thing-a hardback even.

4. Adventure

There are all sorts of adventures not meant for the wee set. Sex and alcohol not included. Go zip lining, cliff diving, deep sea fishing, whatever floats your boat, literally. No need to find a sitter and then listen to everyone complain that you were out having fun while all they got to do was play at a fancy resort pool with an overpriced babysitter.

Rue La La Travel

On our last couples trip he brought household duties spreadsheets-not adventurous or sexy-we ditched it

5. Remembering that you are a hot mama, not just a carpool driver and jelly sandwich maker.

RueLaLa Travel

15 years and 4 children later he still digs me-I’m a lucky girl


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