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Meeting Kristin Chenoweth and Toasting Breast Cancer Survivors

Meeting Kristin Chenoweth and Toasting Breast Cancer Survivors
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Kristin Chenoweth The Moms Luxury Travel Mom

I have always loved Kristin Chenoweth, but hearing how she took time out of her amazing career to care for her mother fighting breast cancer, I heart her even more. Her mother is a survivor and Kristin spoke at a luncheon hosted by The Moms and Martini last week in New York City. It gave me a great chance to meet one of my idols, wear pink and drink mid-day-um, what’s better than that?

Martini Minis The Moms Luxury Travel Mom
This was more than just fun fashion and mid-day boozing however. Money was donated to help fund mammograms for women who can’t afford them. Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson spoke and reminded us “Poverty is not a condition that should be punishable by death.” She also created the line of BFFL Bags for women undergoing breast cancer surgery. It’s an adorable bag full of items such as toiletries, drain care kits, etc.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so check your boobies and remind a friend to do the same. I mean, she doesn’t need to check yours, she should check her own, but you knew what I meant.



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