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The New Katie Show – I Have a Girl Crush

katieshow1 kim marie evans luxury travel mom
Read Carefully
Katie Show Kim-Marie Evans Luxury Travel Mom

He really isn’t about to body check me-I swear

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard that Katie Couric has a new daytime talk show. It premieres TODAY! Check your local listings, if you live in New York, it’s on at 3:00pm.

You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see me in the audience though.

Ok, back to Katie. So the new show is sort of Charlie Rose, if he had hot legs and interviewed celebs of the moment. She asks the hard questions. She even used the word “fornicate” when asking Heidi Klum about the rumors Seal is spreading about her. I know, my mouth dropped open too. Seal said it first, but really, nobody should use that word. She also does some feel good stories and fun bits. But it’s not cheesy in Regis & Kelly kind of way (thank God). She’s smart and likable, just like you think she’d be. And her legs still look hot in her mid-50’s not that I’m obsessed.

Katie Couric Show Kim-Marie Evans

Yes, I was that close. Yes I put my foot in the shot. Never mind that, look at her legs!

She’s also super in to social media, smart girl. You can find her on twitter @katiecouric and the show is @katieshow. The Katie Show people are on it and really interact, which is rare.

Want to get tickets? Mention Luxury Travel Mom when you request tickets at Katie and they will expedite your request. You can also see “after the show” Q&A content on the website . Not sure if my question about how she keeps her legs so hot will make the web, especially since some goody two shoes asked about her most inspiring guest just before I got my shot at the mike. Whatever, she says she does nothing. Heidi Klum also said her skin looks so great because of what she eats. Unless she’s eating lasers and botox, I don’t believe her.

So check out the new show. The Heidi Klum episode, with me as stalker airs on Wednesday. In case you missed it, I offered to take the first three people to reply on my Luxury Travel Mom Facebook page with me. We were in the front row, close enough to touch her, I mean if there wasn’t that troublesome security. I trust you’ll now pay closer attention to my page, I mean, who knows, Marky Mark could be next.



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