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What’s on Your Travel Bucket List? Don’t Have One? You’re Not Alone

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Capital One Bucket List Travel

Do you have a travel bucket list?

According to a recent Capital One survey OVER HALF of all Americans don’t. I think this is tragic.

Why should you have a travel bucket list? The first step to making it happen is writing it down. Start writing, you might be surprised at what you find on the page.

Capital One Bucket List Travel

My travel bucket list is the reason I started Luxury Travel Mom, travel isn’t just a vacation for me, it’s my life.

Capital One Bucket List Travel

Not only do I have a list, I have multiple lists and they are long. My children have lists. We recently went around the table at a family dinner and had everyone name the top three destinations on their bucket lists. My youngest is only seven years old, I hope his bucket isn’t coming for a long time, but he is ready with his list.

Capital One Bucket List

Life is short and unpredictable. Waiting until I had enough money, enough time and children who could carry their own luggage wasn’t an option. Four years ago I declared myself Luxury Travel Mom and I haven’t looked back.

What dreams do you tuck away under your pillow at night waiting for the perfect moment to let them out in to the sun?


Do you want to go to Hawaii? It’s number one in the Capital One survey and also my ten year olds’ dream trip, along with learning to surf, visiting Pearl Harbor and climbing a volcano. He’s a serious child. This October he’s going to check it off, shhh, he doesn’t know.

One of my lists is all about tennis. I want to spectate at each of the grand slams. So far I’ve checked the US Open and Wimbledon off my list. I’m working on Australia and Roland Garros.

Capital One Bucket List Travel

It’s not always or glamorous. The first time I went to the US Open I had to sit in the rain for six hours waiting for play to resume. When both of the Williams sisters came on to the court, it was all worth it. I still have the raincoat I bought that day in 1999 and I treasure it.

I want to hear about your bucket list.

Your deep dreams and your silly ones.


I will not judge you for wanting to see the world’s largest ball of string if that’s your dream. Keaton’s lifelong goal was to see the Star Wars stage show at Disneyworld and we recently made it happen with my Venture Card.

Writing down your dreams can make magic happen, that’s why I’m really excited to partner with Capital One on The Venture #BucketList campaign and to start helping make your travel aspirations come true.

Go to for some drool worthy inspiration. You may even get your favorite bucket list destinations drawn by one of the amazing Tumblr artists we are working with by tweeting your destination and including @CapitalOne.

Also, send me your bucket list dreams and I’ll feature some of them on the blog.

Most importantly make sure you participate in the Venture #BucketList campaign, I can give you PR, but they might be able to make your dreams a reality

While working on this story I came across video from Macie’s bucket list trip. Every child gets to choose a destination for their 10th birthday, not surprisingly Macie chose Paris. This little video treasure is why I travel, her voice is so  sweet and young, she doesn’t roll her eyes at me … and I’m on a slide under the Eiffel Tower clutching my Chanel bag. Now THAT is bucket list travel.

I can’t imagine a better job than getting paid to write about my passion while helping to make your travel dreams come true.



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