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10 Reasons to Travel to Cuba with Luxury Travel Mom

10 Reasons to Travel to Cuba with Luxury Travel Mom
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American travel to Cuba

Spots are selling out for my personally guided luxury art tour of Cuba. This small group trip next April 22nd to April 29th will offer Americans unprecedented access to the real Cuba.


This Escorted Journey offered through the bespoke luxury travel firm cazenove+loyd is unlike any other Cuba journey being offered. You will not be staying in crummy big box hotels and shuttled from lecture to lecture, you will see the real Cuba, in high style, with me, and mojitos. All of the best hotels are already sold out for the next six months and beyond, I already have everything reserved and approved, all you have to do is pack your bags and join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity.


#1 Exclusive access to the most famous artists in Cuba.


The combination of my personal relationship with the artists and cazenove+loyd’s art curator mean that you will not only meet the famous contemporary artists in Havana, but also spend time in their homes and studios learning about what it has meant to be an artist, and citizen, in Castro’s Cuba. Christie’s recently wrote about The Six Contemporary Artists in Cuba You Need to Know About. Among them is Diago whom I have met on numerous occasions and had the good fortune to drink and chat with, from the Christie’s story “Juan Roberto Diago Durruthy’s 1920s house is given over to his work. Large-scale canvases, assemblages, sculptures and installations are stacked neatly alongside works in progress. There’s a huge, well-stocked kitchen, a garden with a pizza oven and birds singing in cages. Friends, family and workers gather here, glowing with affection for ‘Diaguito’, a favourite of Cuban collectors and curators.”


On my most recent Cuba trip Diago shared the story behind his latest collection inspired by antique slave trade books and his ancestry.


American travel to Cuba

American travel to Cuba


His home studio is itself one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been. One of the highlights of my upcoming April tour will be this type of one on one access to the most noted artists in Cuba.


How to travel to Cuba


#2 VIP arrival and transfers

When you travel with Luxury Travel Mom and cazonove+loyd you don’t wait in lines. Starting at the arrival at Jose Marti’ airport all of the details will be managed for you and you will be whisked through the chaos.


Cuba Travel

Cuba Travel

#3 Mafia Tour and lunch at Hotel Nacional with noted professor and author

To underworld kingpins Meyer Lansky and Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Cuba was the greatest hope for the future of American organized crime in the post-Prohibition years. In the 1950s, the Mob—with the corrupt, repressive government of brutal Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in its pocket—owned Havana’s biggest luxury hotels and casinos. We will see history come alive with our fab tour guide Nelson and enjoy lunch with his professor who literally wrote the book on Mafia history. Our tour will be conducted in a caravan of vintage soft top cars.


Cuba travel

#4 Stay in the most luxurious hotel in Havana


I have stayed in multiple hotels in Havana, including the one Jay Z and Beyonce’ bedded down in. All of the best hotels are already COMPLETELY sold out for next spring. I have rooms held at my favorite hotel in the city, Hotel Santa Isabel. It’s a historic hotel with balconies overlooking the Plaza de Armes, we’ll enjoy fresh mojitos in the bar and breakfast on the loggia in the mornings. Of course Cuba luxury is not the five-star of a Four Seasons, but I love this hotel and it’s one of the best.


Cuba Travel

How to travel to CubaHow to travel to CubaHow to travel to Cuba

#5 Learn salsa with a private tutor and enjoy a hot night in the best jazz bar with a jazz guide


Learn how to move like a Cuban with a professional salsa tutor. We’ll have a table reserved at my favorite late night jazz bar with our jazz guide who is incredibly passionate about jazz and Cuban music.


How to travel to Cuba

#6 Visit Trinidad-a charming Cuban town that has not changed in 50 years with a stay at an amazing Finca


We’ll go by private car to Trinidad for a two day stay that will give you a taste of the authentic Cuban culture you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll be staying at two family run properties including Finca Kenia, my favorite little boutique hotel that has horses on property, Spanish modern rooms and a stunning pool with a view.


How to travel to Cuba

Travel to CubaHow to travel to Cuba


#7 Private catamaran sail off the coast of Trinidad


I firmly believe the best way to see any island is from the water. Add a mojito and you have the perfect day. After our day of sailing we will tour some of the most fabulous sugar plantations in Trinidad.


How to travel to Cuba

#8 Shopping in Havana with a world class guide (me)


There’s not a ton of shopping to be had in Havana, however I can take you to the little shops where can buy vintage posters and make sure you go home with your government approved amount of Havana Club rum and Cuban cigars.


How to travel to CubaHow to travel to Cuba

#9 Private Photographer to send you home with gorgeous photographic memories (again, me)


Included in the cost of your trip is my time and talent as your personal photographer. Each guest will receive a lovely photo book  when they return home and the digital files to use as they wish.


How to travel to Cuba

#10 Lunches and dinners in the best paladars in the country


When the Cuban government first allowed citizens to open their homes as private eateries there were tight restrictions on the number of people that could be served, these are called Paladars. The food scene in Cuba is exploding daily, I have tried all of the best paladars and restaurants, we won’t be going to the most trendy, we’ll be going to the best.


How to travel to Cuba


This trip has been officially approved by the Cuban government and meets all rules and requirements. What we can’t publish are the surprises we have in store for you, but trust us, they will be good. Part of the costs involved in this trip are the tour guides that allow us to provide you with a Cuban experience unlike any other tour for Americans that is being offered.


Who can come? Anyone with a passport and a sense of adventure. My daughter Macie who is 17 will be on the trip, she speaks fluent Spanish and is a great help in communicating with the artists, some of whom don’t speak English. Children over 13 are more than welcome to join this once in a lifetime trip.





To book your trip to travel to Cuba with me you will need to contact Miranda Plunkett ( 1-800-409-4233 & 1-646-405-4868) at cazenove+loyd and put down your 20% deposit. The balance isn’t due until 8 weeks before the trip. You can see the official itinerary using the link below.


Luxury Art Tour with Kim-Marie Evans


The costs include all hotels, private cars, tours and meals. Airfare and tips are not included. cazenove and loyd are experts at helping navigate the tricky business of obtaining a license and booking your chartered flight.



Feel free to shoot me any questions, and do join me for the trip of a lifetime!



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