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Atlantis – What to Do (Indoors)

Atlantis - What to Do (Indoors)
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There is more to Atlantis Bahamas than just the Leap of Faith. Every now and again you’re going to want to come inside to cool off, get out of the sun or just have a relaxing break. You might not know how much there is to do indoors, so here’s a look at our favorite activities.


Atlantis Pals


It’s just like Build a Bear, but better. The animals you choose to stuff are just as cute, you’ll also kiss a heart to give it love and then help stuff it. After your child has created a snuggly friend, one of the employees dons a judge’s robe and holds a formal adoption. Seriously, so cute. Keaton made this elephant for Macie to take to college. I know.






Atlantis Speedway






This has always been my boys’ favorite activity, they are even willing to give up water slide time for it. You can build and race a car or just race one that has already been assembled. Just like at any good race track, there is beer for sale. A win/win all the way around.


Earth and Fire Pottery Studio:






We have made a piece of pottery every time we’ve come to Atlantis. I still have the footprint I did of Keaton’s little foot many years ago. We’re so busy making pottery I never take photos, thank you Oyster for a pic of what the studio looks like. It’s pretty straightforward make your own pottery;  you paint it, glaze it, they fire it and you get it the next day.




Shopping is far and away my favorite way to kill some time indoors. You can shop for everything from stuffed sea animals to Missoni skirts There are some gorgeous designer shops in the Crystal Court, Cole’s is joined by Versace, Gucci and others. At Marina Village you’ll find lots of cover ups and local fare.  Of course kid’s stuff is everywhere, and it’s hard to say no. Cole’s is my favorite, a nice mix of high and middle level brands and some really cute accessories.






See a Show:


Atlantis brings in huge celebrities for shows during the year, you’ll want to check the website. We saw Kelly Clarkson (front row) many years ago. Recently we enjoyed a magic show with Rob Lake, Macie got pulled on stage and Keaton is still wondering how he did some of his tricks. If there aren’t any live performances when you are on property, they still run blockbuster movies and it’s a great afternoon escape. Check HERE to see what’s going on when you want to visit.





Here is a video we did for Atlantis about all the fun things there are to do indoors on your vacation:




We were hired by Atlantis to create a video series to help families plan their vacation. Luxury Travel Mom editorial is not sponsored. 



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