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8 September, 2020


Best Food in Sarasota – Best BBQ EVER – Nancy’s Bar-B-Q

Best Food in Sarasota - Best BBQ EVER - Nancy's Bar-B-Q
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Nancy's BBQ Sarasota

Nancy-how cute is she???

If you are in Sarasota and you only have time for one meal, make it Nancy’s BBQ, trust me.

I LOVE BBQ. South Carolina BBQ, Kansas City BBQ, I’ve tried it all and have some serious opinions on the subject.

Nancy’s is very unassuming. The picnic tables, cafeteria style service, and family style seating might trick you in to thinking the BBQ is low key. It’s not. It’s serious business.

Nancy got her start in her backyard, literally. She was inspired to try her hand at BBQ by this tasty tale from the New York Times writer Sam Sifton in 2003. It didn’t take long and her friends were begging her to cater their parties. The word spread and soon she was doing pop up BBQs all over Sarasota. Getting an e-mail invite to a day of BBQ by Nancy was like getting an invitation to a rave hosted by Ashton Kutcher. With titles like “By Invitation Only” and “Tell No One”-she was quickly overrun. Her restaurant is enjoying similar success.

Nancy's BBQ Sarasota

You can find Nancy’s on the roundabout in Historic Burns Court in Downtown Sarasota. Most days you will find Nancy behind the counter with her apron on. If she’s not there she’s likely delivering BBQ in her Volvo wagon.

Order the pulled pork shoulder, try the cucumber salad and her world famous succotash is famous for a reason, don’t miss it. My favorite quote from Nancy? “I’m a white Jewish woman making pork barbecue.” I proposed sister wife hood to her, she totally said yes.


A menu has never made me laugh so hard

Check out my future wife on her website at Nancy’s Bar-B-Q and like her on Facebook.

I was a guest at Nancy’s as part of a press trip hosted by Visit Sarasota. But you can not buy my BBQ recommendation, it might be the only thing about me not for sale.



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