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Kim-Marie vs. Kim Kardashian at Casa de Campo – A Review in Instagram

kim kardashian casa de campo dominican republic
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Kim Kardashian Casa de Campo

If you don’t know that Kim Kardashian graced the country of the Dominican Republic with her smoking hotness, you must not have a TV or a People magazine subscription. And I like you more for that.

Recently I was invited to review the VERY SAME PROPERTY. It is the first, and likely only, time that my teen daughter has found me impressive.

Kim posted bikini pics on Instagram… did I.

Casa de Campo Kim-Marie Evans

I think she scored the point on this one, but I’ve had four children so we’ll call it even. Ok, I’ll call it even.

Kim went skeet shooting and posted her pic on Instagram.

(You’re getting the theme here?) Yes, she wore short shorts and I wore lululemon. That makes me sportier, not dowdier. Really.

Kim Kardashian Dominican Republic

Also, I actually shot stuff, I think she might have just posed. To know for sure I’d have to watch the show, and I don’t want to know that badly.

Casa de Campo La Romana Domincan Republic

They met a donkey and wore silly hats.

Kim Kardashian Dominican Republic

Really…did they not know this guy was shilling for tips and they thought it was a “surprise”?

Casa de Campo

My donkey had a hat…just saying. I’m sure their donkey was just as cool, but um, it didn’t have a sassy hat. So how could it have been, really?

KM rides-KK doesn’t.

The highlight of my stay at Casa de Campo was the horseback trail ride. I love to ride but find that most resorts give you a broken down mare that walks in a circle, then call it a trail ride. Not so here, I had a gorgeous horse, his name was Ducet and he cantered beautifully for me. We took a three hour tour to see the breathtaking view of the Chavon River. This would have been a lot of work for Kim, I can see why she skipped it. Score one for Kim-Marie.

Casa de Campo La Romana Dominican Republic

Even bunny gave it a go.


Score one for bunny.

KM smokes-KK doesn’t.


The Kardashian contract might not allow for smoking, you know bad influence and all. The last night of our stay, Casa de Campo brought in a “cigar roller” – I have no idea what the actual term is for what he does – and we all enjoyed hand rolled cigars. Mine was vanilla flavored. So I guess that makes me a worse influence than Kim Kardashian.


Kims on a boat.

Kim Kardashian La Romana

Um, I have champagne. They have water. Winning.


Golf cart races.

The resort provides every guest with their very own golf cart to tool around in. We’ll call it a draw.


Casa de Campo Dominican Republic

Be on the lookout for my full property review on Poshbrood next week, Kim Kardashian NOT featured. But I will leave you with my favorite Instagram of the trip. The full moon poised over the swim up bar during cocktail hour, truly magical.

Casa de Campo Dominican Republic

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I was the guest of Casa de Campo for a media press trip, bunny paid his own way.


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