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The Cove Atlantis-Where all the cool kids stay

the cove at atlantis bahamas
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luxury hotel Atlantis Cove

Heading to Paradise? The Atlantis Resort is a behemoth of a property, the water park alone is the size of a small country. This makes it the go-to destination for fun seeking kids. But what about mom who just wants to relax by the pool? The perfect combination of water park fun and luxury resort getaway. The Cove offers all suite rooms that are large enough to fit almost all families, except ours, we booked two suites. It’s own pool that is reserved for Cove guests only. When you see the melee at the other pools you’ll realize that an exclusive pool isn’t just a luxury, but rather a necessity. Staying at the Cove means you can enjoy everything about the wild water park, but return to your tropical refuge. Guests staying at other Atlantis hotels are not allowed to enjoy the Cove pool.


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