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Conrad Hotel New York City with Kids

Conrad Hotel New York City with Kids
Read Carefully


Looking for a luxe hotel in New York that has space for the kids but won’t break the bank? The Conrad in Battery Park is not too expensive, not too cheap, it’s just right.




What we loved:


Each of the 463 rooms at this hotel is a real suite. As in, there is a separate bedroom and living space. It makes me crazy when hotels call the room a suite, and it just means it has a couch. If you can’t close off the bedroom. It’s not a suite.




They cater to kids. They have tiny robes, tiny slippers, plush animals, and they make up the sofa bed in the living room if you have a pile of kids (raises hand).





Breakfast in Atrio just downstairs is super easy and it’s kid friendly. Nothing worse than starting your day in the city on empty stomachs or overpriced food. The buffet is simple, which is what kids like. They also had dairy free milk options which made me happy.




The location is perfect to explore all that lower Manhattan has to offer. I’ve done extensive stories about this hot part of town. Take the kids on a history tour, visit the Oculus, you can even see a movie since there is movie theatre is in the same building as the hotel. What’s more decadent than a daytime movie with the kids? Here’s a TV segment I did about all the amazing history in lower Manhattan:



What I loved MOST about this hotel – The Loopy Doopy Bar:


It’s a rooftop bar with killer views of the water and Lady Liberty. And the best part? They allow kids, ok, the kids weren’t crazy about hanging out with mom, but I don’t care. You know why? They have Prosecco popsicles.


What you ask? Could that be a thing? Were there also unicorns? This magical cocktail is a boozy popsicle served in a huge glass of Prosecco. Then you dip them just like Lik M Aid from when you were little. The best. And the staff were the ones to tell me that the boys were allowed, a view, boozy popsicles and my boys? It’s like they know me.


Daytime view from Loopy Doopy. As you can imagine, a line forms for tourists trying to get up to the bar, with your hotel key card, you’re golden.




I’m trying to figure out how to make these amazing Prosecco pops at home. As it turns out, the boozy pops are specially made for the hotel, they have amazing flavor combos like raspberry basil smash flavor — fresh raspberries, basil, white rum, organic sugar, and filtered water — “which pairs with prosecco unbelievably well,” says Max Harris, the director of food and beverage for the Conrad New York. You know I’m spending half of next summer working on my booze pop recipes





I can’t forget to mention that the hotel room has a Nespresso machine in it. This is key to happiness. I HATE having to order coffee from room service and then being charged $15 for a pot I had to wait for. When I wake up, I need coffee and I need it then.


What we Didn’t Love:


The rooms are a little tired. I know, I’m a snob. But if they were super swank, they’d be more expensive. The lobby is big and cold, you don’t get a sense for being “at home” you are definitely in a big hotel. Honestly, those are my only two knocks on the hotel, if you want the Ritz, you have to pay for it, and for a hotel with kids? I’d highly recommend the Conrad.


Suites at the Conrad start at $500 per night for a stay in the fall, that’s the price of a suite NOT just a room. That’s LESS than a plain old room at the Omni Berkshire in midtown, another hotel I would place in the lower tier luxe category. A starting suite price at the nearby Ritz is over $700. For the space, the view and the price, the Conrad is “just right” as Goldilocks would say. Click HERE for specials when you book now.


We were hosted at the Conrad for the purpose of a review. I had to pay for my own popsicle, and it was worth every damn penny. If I were headed to the city with kids and needed the space of suite, I would highly recommend this hotel.






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