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Deer Valley – Veuve Clicquot Yurt

Deer Valley - Veuve Clicquot Yurt luxury travel mom
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veuve clicquot yurt


Deer Valley is home to the ultimate apres ski venue, a super luxe yurt where they pour endless amounts of Veuve Clicquot. It’s not really apres ski, more in medias ski, as it’s only open from 11-2. It’s on the snow just between the Ruby and Empire Express lifts next to the super swank Montage Hotel. Simply pop off your skis and slip inside to what I would imagine Beyonce’s glamping tent looks like. The folks at Gorsuch decorated it with gorgeous furs, chandeliers and lots of little faux fireplaces.


img_0894 img_0895 img_0896


Here’s a quick video with a peek at everything you’ll find in the yurt. And no, they don’t let you take the yellow glasses home, someone I know tried, it was a friend, she tried, it was awkward



I was in Deer Valley last spring with a group of Ski Moms reviewing many of the Utah ski areas with Ski Utah. They bought the first round of drinks, I dragged the ski moms back later (because champagne) and bought a second round so we could work on our sweet moves for a soon to be released Ski Moms video. It is a scientific fact that you both ski and dance better after drinking a glass of champagne.


The cost per glass is $32 for the yellow label and $39 for rose. Worth every penny.



deer valley veuve clicquot yurt



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