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29 September, 2020

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Disney VIP Star Wars

Disney VIP Star Wars
Read Carefully

Jedi Training Academy


Does your child want to look like a Disney VIP to battle Lord Darth Vader and become a “real” Jedi Warrior at Disneyworld?



How to be Chosen for the Jedi Training Academy:


  • You need to arrive at the Jedi Training Academy when they first open in the morning. All of the spots are given away within the first 30 minutes


  •  You MUST bring your child with you. They need to be able to answer questions such as: Are you willing to go on stage? Can you follow directions?


  • You will be given a time to return for your show. DO NOT MISS THIS TIME. You will not be allowed another time that day.


  • You need to arrive at Hollywood Studios the minute they open and run (or at least walk very quickly) to the academy which is located just behind American Idol. There are generally people with signs that will guide you.


  • DID I MENTION GET THERE EARLY? This is the ONLY way to make this happen. You cannot book ahead of time, your Disney VIP guide cannot help you. You cannot go without your child.


It’s totally worth it if you are a huge Star Wars fan like my boys.


Here is a video of what the entire experience looks like. May the Force be with You.





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