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Hay-Adams Washington D.C. Hotel Review

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Headed to Washington, D.C.? The Hay-Adams is THE place to stay. It’s not just the jaw dropping views of the White House, or the Off the Record bar where the real action happens, this gem of a hotel offers an unparalleled level of service.

You can’t get closer to the seat of power unless POTUS himself invites you to sleep over. Waking up to this view just really never gets old.


Not all rooms have a White House view, some have a view of Lafayette Park, some of St. Johns, but they all come sumptuously appointed.



Sadly none of them come with this amenity. If they add it, I expect their rates to go up.


They offer Etro bath products and a turn down service that should be the model for ALL hotels. I am a little obsessed with turn down, when it’s done right, it’s sublime. Not only is there a chocolate on my pillow, but a Molton-Brown lip balm. Nice touch.


The Lafayette is the hotel restaurant and offers high end cuisine. As is fitting with a historic hotel, there is a piano player and a very Frank Sinatra vibe to the place.


The Off the Record bar also serves up tasty fare and excellent eavesdropping.


I likely watch too much Scandal and Homeland but I have a real fantasy of joining the CIA after my kids are grown. While in town I was part of a group of the “100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers” invited to the White House to be briefed on the new Study Abroad initiative by the President and the State Department. Just being that close to power can be heady. I worked my best Olivia Pope look for the occasion.


Rooms start at $479 per night and are worth every penny.

My stay at the Hay-Adams was complimentary for the purposes of the review. I paid for all of my own meals, and drinks.



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