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Montauk Yacht Club Review – Perfect for an October Getaway

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The following post is contributed by my Lux Travel Chica – Lauren Pruner. Though I have written Montauk Yacht Club up for Greenwich Magazine, I have not yet had a chance to review it personally. Lucky for us, Lauren and her friends were willing to sample the cocktails and give us the inside scoop on a stay at this venerable Hamptons institution. Do remember though, they did not have to take toddlers.

… it’s official. I’ve broken out the long pants and flats – LTM has sent the most traveled kids I know back to school (Whoo hoo more invites for me – sorry Duffy!) and I’m lamenting summer sunsets, fruity drinks and Montauk nights at Surf Lodge. Summer in the northeast is a funny thing. It comes and goes so fast and we’re left wanting more the second they outlaw white pants after Labor Day. But lucky for us summer isn’t gone forever and Summer 2015 is closer than we think.


My own mother called out our lack of planning for next summer already! Somewhere around the last sips of rose with the turn of fall, we started thinking – where to? When? Though these questions seem premature when planning defunct family holiday’s that could come first – Summer 2015 will be here before you know it. So consider this recap of one of the best weekends of 2014 an inspiration for 2015 – if there’s one thing I learned about my trip to The Montauk Yacht Club it’s that the Hamptons wait for no one!


This summer I traveled to Montauk. Now while Kim-Marie’s kids may not be chipping in for a beach house filled with boys, booze and bikini’s there’s a WHOLE other Montauk observant of the same gorgeous beaches a little more family friendly location where your bed doesn’t have to be a sleeping bag and you don’t have to shell out several thousand to clean your own house. I know what you’re thinking – heaven! Well this looks pretty close – I mean who wouldn’t want champagne on a balcony overlooking yachts, perfectly green lawns, a beach, lighthouse and reggae band below, underneath the most AMAZING sunset sky?


photo 3

So now that I have you drooling, I can’t thank the Montauk Yacht Club (MYC) enough for an amazing stay. I took a girls trip with a few other New York bloggers – Interior Design/Style extraordinaire Lauren of and NYC Style maven Jess of (It’s the hamptons it’s only right to come with a “blondetourage.”) Our trip out to the historic hotel this summer was well worth the 3.5 hour car ride when we pulled up greeted by the view above. Tucked away in the marina area of Montauk and surrounded by some of the most amazing boats I have ever seen – our goal was to nab a boat ride or two and maybe a crew member while we were at it! Ladies – note, men that captain boats, so good looking.



The 103 guestroom property with 23 Villa Guestrooms spans acres and has its own private beach real estate. Priding itself on seclusion MYC masters the balance of privacy and activity. Want to relax – you can outfit your entire vacation to make sure you are barely bothered, see few and pepper in a massage at the full service MYC Spa in between. Want to connect, experience and be active there are outdoor pools, tennis, volleyball and bocce courts, a playground and plenty of water sports and activities to keep you and a brood busy.


Us girls were looking for a little mix! A little fun in the sun and since Montauk is known for its 20-something nightlife – and quiet room so we could sleep in/sleep off the night before was much needed. Dare I say it we were husband hunting – and let me tell you it’s tiring! The rooms were nothing short of spaced perfection. Sliding doors for the night air and larger accommodations were just what we need since we were escaping microscopic NYC apartments.


So as we took on each day we made sure to check a few things off our trip’s bucket list such as:

Lobster Rolls – Who says no to these puppies? Well at MYC’s Hurricane Alley – it’s outside dining location; these are on the list and fresh for your enjoyment. Bring extra napkins.


Mixology – When we heard we were going to have the chance to sample and create some of the resorts favorite cocktails we jumped at the chance. The menu is tailored to recognizable ports of MYC’s parent company IGY – it’s namesake “MYC” Cocktail was a summer thirst quenching watermelon drink that was like a Moscow mule and summer had a love child. SO GOOD. Dare I say I had a few… save that for late afternoon cocktails mommies.


A Fancy Pants Dinner – Now who doesn’t like to take at least 1 night to dress up! Well we certainly did as guests of MYC’s main dining experience – Gulf Coast Kitchen. The food and drink were a great way to “wine-down” after a day in the sun. Minus the family sing-a-long happening a few tables over.


Watersports – Pick your non-motorized method o’ travel and they have it. Want to paddleboard, kayak or what looked to me like a water version of New York City’s pedicab, do it! Now while I didn’t want to risk falling off the paddleboard and ruining perfectly dry hair – I did watch a few 8-year-old pros. All water sports were accessible at the beachfront and a great way to keep kids active and in mom and dad’s view.

To say the weekend was unsuccessful was and understatement. Montauk Yacht Club does one thing right – by using the grounds to its advantage the resort can offer both relaxation and fun without ever having to worry if one is invading the other (well, minus the pool DJ on Sunday’s). The rooms are a retreat and the activities a blast – now if only I mastered a graceful fall off a paddleboard and into the arms of a buff/tan crewmen.

I want to thank Lauren for taking one for the team. I do plan to review this property with children in tow. There will likely be just as many cocktails, and sadly not as many buff/tan crewmen.

I want to thank Montauk Yacht Club for hosting Lauren, Jess and myself for a great girls weekend – see you same time next year? And don’t worry since it’s the Hamptons we’ll book ahead!



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