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Mother’s Day at Blantyre

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Looking for a Mother’s Day getaway like no other?

Blantyre Resort

Blantyre Resort in the Berkshires is giving you the chance to live the Great Gatsby fantasy. Minus the drama, add mom, some tea and world class champagne.

I was lucky enough to spend a few dreamy days there in February. To stay at Blantyre is to step back in time. Especially if you were royalty in a past life.

There is no “front desk” and no “check in” at this Forbes Five Star resort. As soon as you arrive on property staff rush to your car and usher you to your home away from home. Each suite is filled with period antiques, to die for beds, and fireplaces that need nothing more than a match to start a cozy blaze. If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, you need to experience Blantyre.

Blantyre Resort

The only time children are welcome at Blantyre is during property takeovers, and that is the fabulous opportunity for this Mother’s Day. Bring the whole crew for dinner Friday and stay through brunch on Sunday, you’ll believe you were to the manor born.

Ten rooms for the weekend will cost $11,500 plus tax and spirits.
Fifteen rooms are $ 17,500 plus tax and spirits.

All prices based on double occupancy. Rates include room, food and service.
Ten room rental required.


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