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Hotel Review: The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, California

the resort at pelican hill review luxury travel mom
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This is a guest post by momtourage writer Whitney Stropp who abandoned (um, left in the able care of her spouse) her children and de-camped to The Resort at Pelican Hill in swanky Newport Beach, California with a bunch of girlfriends for a weekend getaway.


Pelican Hill



A few of my closest girlfriends and I jumped in the car and headed about an hour south of Los Angeles to the affluent seaside town of Newport Beach. We were on a mission to leave it all behind and have a true “momscape.”  Free of children, schedules, and common core math homework. Woohoo!


I had a checklist, as one does when looking for the perfect weekend getaway. It went something like this: Delicious restaurants- Check! Amazing views -Check! Nightlife-check! Adorable butlers that go out of their way to meet your every need, including finding your perfect cocktail and laughing at your jokes-Check!


Pelican Hill



Plan on feeding kids breakfast or need a fridge for your extensive “momscape” alcohol stash? Get a Villa. The 2 bedroom Villa had 2 Queens and 1 king in the bedrooms as well as a sofa bed for those who feel they are “too old to share.” 😉 We never cooked, but we did use the refrigerator to keep our happy hour necessities chilled.  The Villas are located a few blocks away from the main property. They have their own pool, gym, and restaurant. A shuttle can take you anywhere else on the property that you would like to go.


Pelican Hill


Don’t plan on touching the stove and want all your cocktails handmade by a professional at the Social Lounge? Get the Bungalows. They are on the main property, so there is no waiting for a shuttle to get you to your spa treatments, poolside cabanas, or Bloody Mary Bar at the Pelican Grill. They are spacious, luxurious, views are spectacular and everything is steps away.

Pelican Hill resort luxury travel



Poolside Cabanas:

Because there ain’t no party like a cabana pool party! The Villa Pool Cabanas were small. No umbrellas for the loungers forced us to get creative. (Editor’s note-um, no umbrellas?? That is NOT luxury) The Coliseum Pool cabanas on the main property seemed a better option for parties of more than 2. Not to mention, the Coliseum Pool is one of the resort’s claims to fame, so you’ll definitely want to experience it.

Pelican Hill resort - pool sode cabana



The Spa:

The Spa was jumping when we were there. Lots of ladies chatting it up in the waiting area before their treatments. This may bother some people, but I actually liked the fact that I could talk with my friends. I’m not the type to close my eyes and meditate on my upcoming treatment. Having said that, if you did want to meditate, there are loungers set up around the salt water soaking pool that would be perfect.


Pelican Hill


I was asked to try the “Body Gelato” treatment by the resort. Strange name but an amazing experience. Imagine being exfoliated from head to toe in fresh seasonal ingredients like fig, wrapped in a warm hydrating towel, massaged, and then sent on your way with homemade gelato. As my good friend Barbara Streisand says, it was “like buttah. ”

4 of us had massage and facial treatments.

4 of us were so relaxed we fell asleep during said treatments.

0 of us are friends with Barbara Streisand.


Pelican Hill reosrt - luxury family travel



It’s a one stop shop. And by shop I mean, a luxurious Italian shop in the middle of a quaint oceanside village. You feel like you left the country without ever leaving the country! The resort has everything on property that you would want in a weekend away. Amazing views, killer restaurants, fun cocktails, close proximity to the beach, relaxing pools and my personal favorite, A DJ in the Great Room Social Lounge!


Pelican Hill Panoramic



Camp Pelican: It’s a retreat for the younger crew. What I loved most was that the space was completely secure and separate from the adults. A true kid resort!  There is a private pool with a bubble jet spray fountain and child size loungers, ping pong, board games, movies, and of course theme nights! This kids’ club is adorable and I would be happy to hang out there if I was between the ages of 4-10. They say 12 but I have a 12 year old, and I’m pretty sure she’d rather hang at the adult pool. Caveat: Luxury Travel Mom never recommends a property for children unless our actual human children review it, but by all accounts Pelican Hill would likely pass muster.


Camp Pelican Children's Pool


Latitude!: There’s a teen club! A teen club! This teen club is actually a converted bungalow and has a cool vibe.  Karaoke nights, spa activities, hiking, gaming and more make it a good option for the older kids. They say 13-17 yr. olds are invited to chill, but I feel like this is better suited for 12-16.


Gelato! Have you had gelato? I mean, enough said. Pelican Hill whips up new homemade seasonal flavors daily!


They pamper the whole family. Every guest big or small is made to feel at home. Housekeeping will place a little stuffed pelican, child size robes and infant bath products in the room when they notice younger guests. Take advantage of pre-arrival vacation planning (aka call ahead) and let them know your family dynamic!


Pelican Hill Resort luxury family travel


This was a personal trip for Whitney, this Pelican Hill Resort review was not comped or sponsored in any way. The resort did give her a massage just for being a Luxury Travel Mom. The bungalow rooms that Whit recommends start in the 400s and she says the price is more than worth it. She still wants an umbrella for her sun lounger though.



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