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Ritz Carlton Orlando – A Little Luxury to go with The Mouse

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Kids dying to go to DisneyWorld but you’re not thrilled with the idea of each moment dripping in Disney? Hoping for a mint on your pillow that isn’t ubiquitously ear shaped?

Check out the Ritz Carlton on the Grande Lakes. For starters, I didn’t even know there were lakes in Orlando, so that’s a bonus. The Ritz shares lakefront space and amenities with it’s sister property JW Marriott. The pools at the Ritz are gorgeous, the children’s pool sports cheeky fish statues spouting water in the air for young guests to frolic in. Next door at the Marriott the kids can slip away on the lazy river. My favorite pool however is the private one at the Ritz spa, no kids, lots of drinks. Explanation not necessary.

Ritz Carlton Orlando kid pool travel Disney luxury

Speaking of the spa, it’s 40,000 square feet. That’s a lot of pampering. I would suggest the kids club for a day, or get dad to do Disney duty, and indulge yourself. Did I mention the private pool? If you’re not the spa type and would rather golf, try a round on their 18-hole Greg Norman course.

The beauty of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes is living in luxury but just miles from everything the family wants to see in Orlando.

The hotel offers complimentary transportation to:

Universal Orlando

It’s a short drive to DisneyWorld (about a $40 cab ride one way)-they have a ticket booth in the hotel, now that beats standing in line any day of the week. Also, if you’re going luxury, I totally recommend the VIP Tour.

Here’s the 411:

It’s a 10 minute drive from the Orlando airport. I recommend a rental car with families, it’s just easier to have your own transportation. There are too many sites you’ll want to check out in Orlando where the Ritz won’t drive you for free, and the cabs add up.

Try their signature PB&J truffles. Hear me now, believe me later.

I was a guest of the Ritz Carlton thanks to the wonderful folks at Visit Orlando. The property has not yet been Evans kid tested, I’m choosing to believe I didn’t totally fall in love with it just because I was alone. All of the opinions expressed are mine and I think all my readers know I practically have a Ritz tattoo I love them so much.


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