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Seattle with Kids – Coffee and an Umbrella

Seattle with Kids-Coffee and an Umbrella-Four Seasons Hotel Review
Read Carefully


I’ve often said, “everything good came from Seattle.”


We all know that Seattle is the coffee capital because it rains all the time, but does it? It rains an average of 40 inches per year in New York City, but only 36 inches in Seattle.

Other secrets Seattle is keeping from you? The food is amazing, there are beaches just minutes from downtown and one of the best luxury hotels I’ve ever stayed in is in the center of it all. Luxury and Seattle really didn’t come in the same sentence when I was a kid, but this is a post Nirvana Seattle. Champagne, caviar and cannabis for everyone.

Where to stay:

In my opinion there’s only one hotel worth staying at, the Four Seasons Seattle. I have been comped here, paid for my room and come just for brunch on layovers. I LOVE this hotel. It has everything. Perched overlooking Elliott Bay and the brand new Seattle Great Wheel it offers impeccable service, gorgeous rooms and the only outdoor pool of any hotel in the city.

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle Lobby

Sure, it’s classy, but do they welcome kids?

Headphones for the teens, stuffed animals for the little ones

Headphones for the teens, stuffed animals for the little ones

What do you wear to the hot tub? A sweater and tiny slippers

What do you wear to the hot tub? A sweater and tiny slippers

The rooms are spacious with plenty of space to add rollaways. We booked two rooms on this trip to accommodate the six of us. Depending on availability special rates for families splitting in to two rooms can be obtained. They also offer babysitting service, their world famous mini robes and the kids’ favorite dessert-a hot fudge sundae in a cloud of cotton candy. Kids aren’t just tolerated, they are truly welcomed. They have a library of great movies behind the front desk. When the boys ordered up a Star Wars movie, the staff surprised them with a plate of Star Wars themed cookies to go along with the movie.

Deluxe Bay View Room

Deluxe Bay View Room

A rollaway with a view

A rollaway with a view


Highlight for boys-TV's in the bathroom mirrors

Highlight for boys-TV’s in the bathroom mirrors

Tissue paper under clothes on the floor? Service

Tissue paper under clothes on the floor? Service

Other reasons we love the Four Seasons?

ART Restaurant -The ART restaurant serves up truly extraordinary food (including the best gluten free pancakes) with a view of Eliot Bay and the Wheel. Also, a great kids menu and great service. While there on our last visit my husband threw me a birthday party so my children could meet my newly found family (I was adopted, long story). The love and care I got from the staff literally brought tears to my eyes. They knew what a big night this was and went above and beyond to make it oh so magical.

The Galloways

The Galloways


View from ART

View from ART (my old apartment building in the distance)

Location -The world famous Pike Place Market is literally steps away from the front door of the Four Seasons. Order up a fish at Flying Fish Co and watch as they toss it around ala Sleepless in Seattle. Stroll down to the original Starbucks right in the market, along with every other tourist, but still, it IS the birthplace of Starbucks. For us coffee lovers, it’s like Mecca.


They have merchandise you can only get here

They have merchandise you can only get here

What to do?

The Market – My favorite places at Pike Place Market are the Market Spice Tea company-get the original blend, it’s the BEST. The Crumpet Shop, they make the crumpets on site, with some homemade jam-so yummy. There’s also a lot of patchouli and crafty items, you know what I mean. And now this:

To quote Eric Cartman “damn hippies”

The Wheel – Head down the steps from the hotel to the waterfront and the new wheel. Much like the Eye of London, the Seattle Great Wheel  is a big slow moving ride that is not too scary even for little ones. And on a sunny day (Seattle actually has lots of them) you can see for miles.



The waterfront –  Stop for lunch at my favorite fish and chips spot – Ivar’s Fish and Chips. This is a Seattle tradition that can’t be missed. They even encourage feeding of the seagulls. But beware, the gulls know that they are in charge. Nearby there is a gorgeous old wooden horse carousel that even the big kids enjoyed.



And my nephew Wesley’s favorite….cotton candy.


The Monorail – Walk up to Westlake Center and hop on the monorail for a ride to Seattle Center. Built as the site for the 1960 World’s Fair this tourist attraction has more to offer than just the Space Needle. A ride to the top is clearly a must do. The restaurant at the top serves average food with a great view. But a spinning restaurant isn’t for everyone, take it easy on the champagne. But make sure you leave plenty of time for the best attraction at Seattle Center – EMP.

EMP Museum – the Experience Music Project is as much fun for grown ups as it is for kids. This interactive museum designed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is worth the visit, several visits actually. We spent most of my birthday here making music as a family. We have the best DVD ever of us lip synching to Price Tag by Macklemore.

I'm gonna pop some tags...

I’m gonna pop some tags…


Seaplane tour – One of the best ways  to see Seattle is from above. You can book  a 20 minute scenic tour by seaplane with Kenmore Air. The flights leave from Lake Union, you’ll gaze down on the houseboats made famous in Sleepless in Seattle, pass over the University of Washington campus and over the gorgeous lakes that surround Seattle. Fair warning, if it’s bumpy and you are prone to motion sickness, this might not be the excursion for you. The boys LOVED it.


The Museum of Flight – Seattle is also the birthplace of Boeing, I told you everything good came from here, and the air museum is fabulous and under marketed. In addition to a Concorde they have the very first Air Force One on permanent exhibition. Originally deliver to President Eisenhower, the aircraft also carried Presidents Johnson, Kennedy and Nixon.

It's a flying Oval Office

It’s a flying Oval Office

I am not a criminal

I am not a criminal

Don’t Leave Without:

Frangos – What are Frango’s you ask? They are a delectable mint candy originally created for the department store Frederick and Nelson. I used to sit on Santa’s lap at this super fancy department store and thought it was the most magical place in the world. The only thing that has survived is the candy which is for sale at Macy’s (it makes me sad). But the mints are the BEST. You can’t leave Seattle without them.


I received one free night at the Four Seasons and a media rate for the rest of our most recent stay. None of the other activities were comped, nor were we given any preferential treatment. The deluxe bay view rooms start at around $495 per night.



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