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The Lake House at The Resort at Paws Up

The Lake House at The Resort at Paws Up
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The Resort at Paws Up

The Lake House is owned by The Resort at Paws Up and is set on the banks of the nearby crystal clear Seeley Lake. This is one of the more affordable, and in my opinion fabulous, family activities offered at The Resort at Paws Up.

What you need to know:

You will meet at the Wilderness Outpost for a 20 minute drive to the lake house.

You will likely be sharing the house with at least one other family.

If you are doing a morning trip, your guides will make lunch for you there. There are also snacks on hand. No alcohol. But I’m sure you can bring your own. Yes, I think about this a lot. If you are going in the afternoon, each lunch before you go or plan on having a lunch packed to go with you.

There are two motor boats and four jet skis. Two of the jet skis are three passenger crafts. The other two are smaller high performance jet skis that would be difficult for someone who doesn’t have a little experience to drive.

The Resort at Paws Up

Though the lake isn’t huge, there is plenty of space for water sports such as tubing and waterskiing. You need to be 18 to drive the boat, 16 to drive the jet skis. I would not ever recommend anyone without prior experience getting behind the wheel. The lake can get busy in the afternoon. If your family is not familiar with boat rules and waterskiing, take a course before you go. They have flags for the spotters to use when there is a tuber or skier in the water, they should know how to use them and why it’s important.

The Resort at Paws Up

There are multiple non-motorized water craft that you can take out at no charge. The paddle boards are easy and fun. They can be challenging if boat traffic is heavy. Always direct your board straight in to a wake, not along side it. The pedal boats are truly idiot proof.

The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up

The house itself is very simple and needs some renovating. It has a bathroom, a place you can change your clothes and a deck. The upper floor railing was in disrepair and children weren’t allowed up there. So unless you plan to be on the lake, this is not the activity for you. I would not plan an “hanging out” inside the Lake House.

Cost for the Lake House is $50 per person for 1/2 day, $100 per person for a full day. Water craft rentals are priced separately.

My activities were complimentary for review purposed, we paid for all activities and food for the rest of my family.



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