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Top Seven Reasons to Rent Your Ski Clothes

how to rent ski clothes
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Didn’t even know that renting ski clothes was a thing? It is. Let me tell you how to rent ski clothes this season and why it might be the best choice for your family.


We started renting from KitLender several ski seasons ago because the boys were growing so quickly I couldn’t keep up. One year my son grew two whole pants sizes between the beginning and end of the season!


We lost all of our gear in a house fire a little over a year ago, and now that we live in Southern California we literally don’t own winter jackets. We’re headed to Northstar for Christmas and all of our ski gear we rented from KitLender will be waiting for us when we arrive. At the end of the trip, instead of packing up piles of dirty ski clothes to take home, we’ll simply ship them back. Merry Christmas to me!


how to rent ski clothes


Why Rent Ski Clothes


Kids grow fast and oftentimes in the middle of ski season. Have you ever bought ski clothes on sale at the beginning of the season only to have them not fit by January? I have and it’s why we started renting.


You might only be skiing once or twice this year. The Marmot Ski Kit I rented to wear over Christmas would cost $1,000 retail. With KitLender it’s only $38/day to rent (with a 3 day minimum).


You’re a brand new skier, and you’re not sure if it’s the sport for you. Before you invest in an expensive ski wardrobe, rent!


You’re traveling to ski. KitLender will ship all of your gear to your destination via FedEx (shipping is included as long you place your order 6 days before you need it). Flying with overstuffed bags of ski gear is a nightmare, we have done it many, many times. The cost for checked bags keeps going up and renting a car that can fit piles of luggage can be quite challenging.


You live in a warm climate or small apartment with no storage. Or maybe you have no desire to store piles of ski clothes in the off-season.


You are changing sizes. Just had a baby? That whole Keto business worked out and you’ve lost a few pounds? Rent clothes that fit NOW without feeling like you need to invest in clothes that won’t fit in the future. No one wants to cram themselves into gear that is too tight.


You already have your hands full with everything else you are packing for your ski trip. Not having to find, launder, pack and haul all the gear is a gift you give yourself. Last time we flew to Park City each child had to use their own luggage cart to haul their gear, and no, it did not all fit in one SUV.


how to rent ski clothes



What You Can Rent


You rent entire KITS. If you need just jackets, or pants, give them a call and they can work with you. The gear is all high quality brand name:  Obermeyer, Patagonia, Marmot, North Face and Spyder. Each kit includes a jacket, pants, gloves and goggles.


how to rent ski clothes


Snow Boots – Again, if kids are changing sizes, rent, don’t buy. Or if you live in a warm climate and have no reason to own a pair of heavy duty North Face boots, rent and return.


What You Can Buy


Stay Warm KITS-A pack of base layers, top, bottoms, socks and even toe warmers. These range from $68 for kids to around $100 for women. These then get shipped to your destination so you don’t need to spend time trying to find these in the mall or online. This entire kit for junior girls is only $90. If you buy this at the mountain, you’ll spend a fortune, trust me.


how to rent ski clothes


Super cute hats – They have an entire collection of adorable pom hats for only $39.


how to rent ski clothes



Accessories – They sell balaclavas for $20 and Smart Wool socks for $18. If you buy these on the mountain they are going to cost a lot more, and it’s so easy to have them sent to you.


How to Rent Ski Clothes


Simply choose the KIT that appeals to you by color, warmth or style. Also, they don’t come as a sized set so you can get a large jacket and small pants if needed.


Input the date you’ll start skiing and the date you’ll finish. Your KIT will arrive the day prior to the start of your vacation, but you will only pay for your ski days.


When you’re finished with your gear, put it in the packaging provided, call Fed Ex and ship it back – for FREE!


Go to and take a peek, you’re going to be shocked at how nice this stuff is and how easy it is to rent & return.


how to rent ski clothes


Are you a Ski Mom or Dad? Get a lot more information on ski resorts across the country that are great for families and useful ski advice from real Ski Moms. Included in the guide are the “get out of school for skiing” excuse slips I wrote.



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