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How to Wear Sequins

how to wear sequins
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Love ’em or hate ’em – sequins are in, in, in.

Think this style isn’t for you? Here are a few tips on how to wear sequins without looking like a Texas pageant queen. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, which I totally support.

Wear a Sequin Jacket


how to wear sequins


Sequins are the new leather, you can quote me on that. What is more lady boss than a sparkle jacket?

I got to spend an afternoon with the talented designer Jonathan Simkhai at his flagship store in West Hollywood. This sequin jacket would be great with jeans and heels, over a dress for a night out, or with nothing underneath. It’s $595 and they only have the size 6 and 8 left so I didn’t buy it, but I did get the sequin shorts.

The shorts look great with t-shirts and sneakers, when it cools off here in Southern California I’ll be pairing them with booties and a green velvet blazer. See, you didn’t even know you needed sequin shorts did you? They are sold out on the Jonathan Simkhai site but I found them for you on Neiman Marcus for $345.

And this is what happens when you give me free champagne, not sure what Jonathan’s excuse is.


Wear a Sequin Skirt with a T-shirt


Sequin skirts are everywhere right now. I bought this Valencia and Vine skirt last year and it has NO give. I have to wear Spanx and forgo breathing to wear it.  Luckily many of the skirts on the market today have a little stretch to them, trust me, it matters. Pair a skirt with a casual top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, oversized sweater, yes, we can FORCE sequins to be casual, we have that power now.


how to wear sequins

how to wear sequinshow to wear sequins


Go Full Queen and Buy a Full Length Dress


At Jonathan Simkhai we tried on all sorts of his fabulous clothes. The dress Braunwyn is wearing is sold out but I found it on Rent the Runway for you. RTR is a great way to try styles you aren’t ready to drop a lot of cash on yet. I rented the gold gown in the next photo for an event last spring, I got so many compliments I ended up buying it from Rent the Runway. This is a little secret, they offer the clothes you are renting for purchase at a discount. Sometimes it’s a great deal, sometimes not. I think I paid around $115 for the gold dress, serious deal.

This post isn’t sponsored and I’ve paid for every item of clothing I recommend. If you decide to try Rent the Runway, use my code, you get a discount, I get a discount, we all win.

LTM Rent the Runway Code


Braunwyn windham-burke

how to wear sequins


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