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29 September, 2020

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Ireland with Adventures by Disney

Ireland with Adventures by Disney
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We just got back from a trip to Ireland with Adventures by Disney. We’ve been to a lot of amazing places, but no place has ever captured my heart the way Ireland has. I’ve been sending readers there, doing television segments telling the entire world that their next trip needs to be to Ireland. But going to Ireland with Adventures by Disney was a serious luxury, they handle the logistics, they get you in to museums before the public, you get VIP access to events and they even transport each piece of your luggage from hotel, to hotel, to castle. Disney helped me make this little video to tell you all about it.





If you’re not familiar with Adventures by Disney, they are a group tour operator and they’re totally different than what you might be expecting.


What to Know about Adventures By Disney


There is nothing cartoonish or Disney-fied about the experience except the incredible attention to detail.


They use the power of the Disney brand to open doors that you can’t open yourself and provide VIP and exclusive access to some of the most extraordinary sites in the world.


Every tour has two guides, one is a local guide who can answer any question you can think of and they offer insight into the destination you can’t get from a guidebook. The second guide is a Disney employee who manages the details like a four star Army general.


You never lift a finger or have to make a reservation. The hotels are done, the activities are reserved, when you stop for lunch in town the Disney guide has taken your order hours before you arrive, you arrive, sit and eat. When it’s time to transfer hotels you simply place your luggage outside your hotel door and the magic guides take it away only to have it reappear in your next hotel room.This leaves you free to just spend time with your children, which is really the biggest luxury of all.


Ireland with Adventures by Disney


This was our second trip with Adventures by Disney, a few years ago Keaton and I went to Costa Rica with them. You can read more about Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney. We also did a video series, check out our Disney YouTube page. As always, feel free to e-mail me with questions, Kim-Marie at LuxuryTravelMom dot com.


We were hosted by Disney for review purposes and Keaton was there to appear in their videos. The boys loved Ireland and the experience as much as I did.



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