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Why Jet Blue Kicks All the Other Airline’s A@#$s

Why Jet Blue Kicks All the Other Airline asses
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It’s no secret that I fly a lot. It’s also not a secret that I have some strong opinions, especially about air travel.


I want you all to be the first to know that I’m in love. Not the teenager kind of love where it’s all hot and bothered, like when I flew Virgin and the cabins were all pink. Or the marry me kind of love when I flew to Paris in a fully flat bed on Air France. This is the Best Friends Forever kind of love.

We trade notes on Twitter. Sometimes they send me cute pictures. They always laugh at my jokes. The best part is that they never ignore me like some other airlines do on their anti-social media. They’ve never stolen blankets from my cold and tired children, US Air.


Now that we’re besties I’m in their Mosaic club. It’s just like the cool kid clubs in school that no one ever invited me to. I get to bring an extra bag for my shoes, for FREE. My bestie understands that it’s just wrong to charge a friend for needing an entire suitcase for my shoes. They let me skip the line in security, now that is love. I also get to board the plane first. I mean, how much more can they love me? Oh wait, I forgot, my bags always come off the carousel first. They want to ensure my shoes and I are quickly reunited. They get me.

Even if you aren’t going steady with them yet, you still get to check your first bag for free. No other airline besides Southwest does that. All the others make you sleep with them first. Also, the snacks. I mean, when was the last time you had the munchies and thought “damn, I wish I had a tiny bag of stale pretzels or peanuts right now?”. Hell no, you want Doritos. And that’s what my BFF serves. And with a Diet Coke, the whole can.

My kids are all frequent fliers too. My only complaint is that I wish moms could sign their kids up without the children having to use separate emails. When Keaton became True Blue they tweeted him a shot of a plane “Blue Infinity and Beyond”. When US Air stole his blanket they didn’t even say they were sorry. Moms remember this stuff. And we don’t forgive.


I’m in a monogamous relationship with JetBlue. I really think this one is going to last. They take me to all my favorite places. They have more flights to the Caribbean than any other airline. And really, who wants to go anywhere else?

They fly to Charleston so we hang out a lot JetBlue and I, they have yet to disappoint. I mean, I keep waiting for them to cancel flights for no apparent reason like my last steady. I just call them big D. We were pretty serious, I was elite status and everything, but I just got tired of how undependable they were. And they kept changing the rules on me, when they said I couldn’t come to the club with my Platinum Amex, my elite status, or overall general loyalty I knew I had to end it. I had probably stayed too long, you always think they’re going to change, but they never do. I learned that from Dr. Phil.

Also, their customer service is beyond. On my recent trip to Aruba I didn’t realize that you had to drag your luggage through two security checkpoints and customs before you could leave the island. I left my suitcase at the JetBlue counter and went blithely on my way. After I had boarded the aircraft the flight attendant asked me to grab my ticket and passport and come with her. I seriously thought I was being arrested but couldn’t figure out what I had done besides say nasty things about the hotel I was staying in. They had found my bag, took it to customs, helped me run and I mean RUN through the airport (in 6 inch heels) to get back to the plane. I was SURE my bag would not make it. A nice woman told me “the plane is waiting for your bag” – “sure it is” I thought. I really did not expect to see the bag again in the next 24 hours. It was the first one off the carousel.


The bag that almost didn't make it - and the heels I ran in

The bag that almost didn’t make it – and the heels I ran in

Now someday I might get to fly Cathay Pacific, Emirates or Qatar and I want you to know that those would be flings. You know, like if Mark Wahlberg was in town and wanted to get to know me better. But Jet Blue will always be my steady. I think they’d even understand if I fooled around with the exotic airlines, they know I’ll be back.

If you want to try a little Jet Blue love for yourself, enter my “Week in the Life of Luxury Travel Mom Giveaway”. Enter HERE.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, asked for this post, comped for this post. I get nothing for free from JetBlue that every other passenger doesn’t get. 



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