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8 September, 2020


Luxury Disney – Golden Oak Vacation Homes

Luxury Disney - Golden Oak Vacation Homes
Read Carefully

Attention Disney addicts-now you can LIVE at Disney. Really.

It’s no secret that we’ve become Disney cultists. We look for hidden Mickeys. We have pins, we trade them. The theme parks are really just a gateway drug to the harder stuff: Cruises, guided vacations and now home ownership.

Golden Oak Disney Florida

Stunning right?

Before you scoff and get back to reading Perez Hilton, hear me out. I was invited to tour the new homes at Golden Oak and was shocked.

These are gorgeous. I was expecting Mickey Mouse shaped sinks and Lightning McQueen beds. We’re building a new home in South Carolina and I spent more time snapping photos for house design inspiration than I did for this article.

I’m pretty sure this is where Donald Duck’s money bags uncle has a place.

You need a bag of cash too, the homes start at $1.5 million. Who would buy these you ask? Um, everyone apparently, they are selling like hotcakes.

These are single family vacation homes that are not for rent. You design your own home and then have access to all things Disney and all things Orlando.

There’s good reason 51 million tourists a year pass through Orlando, there’s so much more than just theme parks. Check out my bestie and fellow Traveling Mom Karin trying out hang gliding while on vacation in Orlando.

The real draw, besides a gorgeous vacation home in a sunny climate is the Disney connection.

Want a limo to pick you up and take you to the park (always, please). Done. Wish you could watch the fireworks every night from your backyard, buy the right lot and every day is fourth of July.

The Four Seasons is opening a super luxe hotel on the grounds in 2014, Golden Oak residents will have access to the hotel amenities such as a Tom Fazio golf course. Four Seasons + Disney = a match made in Luxury Travel Mom heaven.

Golden Oak Orlando Florida Disney Family Vacation Luxury Travel Kim-Marie Evans

You know I’ve always had a thing for Mickey

Golden Oak families enjoy special perks like private events with the characters, the Summerhouse club for members only and concierge style resident service. If only all of life came with a concierge.

Golden Oak Disney World Luxury Travel Vacation Home

Eases the pain of spending the day standing in line for Dumbo

Golden Oak Vacation Home Disney World

Not a hidden Mickey in sight – I looked.

These homes are the perfect solution for the family looking for a way to enjoy Disney and sunny Florida in coddled luxury. Though you can’t rent your dream house out, you can share it with family members or good friends. So if you buy one, remember me, we’re good friends, right?

I was invited to tour the homes as part of a media trip to Disney World. I was not compensated for saying nice things, I was truly and surprisingly completely impressed. Is there anything Disney can’t do???



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