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8 September, 2020


Rich Manhattan Moms Hire Handicapped Guides for Disney – Why It’s SO Wrong

Rich Manhattan Moms Hire Handicapped Guides for Disney
Read Carefully

The article broke in the New York Post a few days ago. My inbox was flooded with friends asking me about it since I write so often about Luxury and Disney that I am the second Google search result on the subject.

Disney VIP Tour

Our VIP Tour Guide Kristen-worth every penny

Of course I’ve heard about these gray market services. My friends at our country club are shocked that I pay full price for the VIP service offered by Disney at $300 per hour. No, it’s not given to me by Disney or even discounted. I pay it fair and square. Though I’m offered numbers for tour guides that are former Disney employees who can “game the system” for you or handicapped guides who “need the money so it’s a win-win” I always pass.

It’s cheating

It’s wrong


It’s telling my children that cheating and using other people’s misfortune is ok because we are better than other people, we shouldn’t HAVE to wait in line. Isn’t that what these moms are saying to every other person who plays by the rules? I’m better than you and the rules don’t apply to me.

On a recent trip to Disney I was joined by one of my best friends in the world, Karin, founder of Special Needs Travel Mom, and her disabled daughter. I learned how difficult enjoying the parks can be for a child who truly has special needs. Veronica can’t walk, see or speak. Just sitting her in a ride is a challenge. The help provided by the Disney cast members at every attraction was crucial to her experiencing Disney. Is it fair that someone who is using a “disabled guide” but is perfectly abled, just too “important” to stand in line should be placed in front of her? The moms traveling with special needs children DESERVE the front of the line, they need it and they are exhausted when they get there.

VIP Tour Disney

Karin and Veronica with Chip and Dale

If a family afford the $120 an hour to hire the cheaters they can afford the $300 to hire the legitimate Disney service. Their money and time is not more important than anyone else’s. Would it be ok to pay a kid to take their test because “he needs the money” and “Johnny doesn’t have time to study?”

Our children are watching our every move, I want mine to learn that breaking the rules is not  ok just because it’s convenient and we can afford it.



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