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SkyLuxTravel Book First and Business Class Seats for Less

Discount first class airfare
Read Carefully

Discount first class airfare


SkyLux Travel  is A Business and First Class Booking Company

(This is a sponsored post, all reviews and opinions are my own based on my personal experience booking first class travel with SkyLux at my own expense)


Business and First Class air travel have a long list of upsides:


  • Early boarding
  • Comfortable Seats (that actually recline – and not into someone’s lap)
  • Real food (served with actual silverware)
  • Hot towels, amenity kits
  • Club Lounge Access (on some airlines, not all)


The Downside? – Cost


Getting a free upgrade has become more and more difficult, gone are the days of “dressing up and hoping to be upgraded.”

Some airlines put upgraded seats out for auction, but if you don’t “win” you might end up in the back of the plane crammed between someone with their shoes off and a guy eating a stinky tuna sandwich.

Depending on your airline status, you may or may not get a “free” upgrade, but the only way to guarantee a seat in the front of the plane is by paying for it.


I was asked to review SkyLux Travel, a company who sells first and business class fares at steep discounts. This is a sponsored post, but I won’t review or recommend anything to my readers that I haven’t tried. So I bought a first class ticket through their service at my own expense to see how it works.


How to Use SkyLux Travel


Call SkyLux Travel at 855-507-9770 and you’ll be routed to an individual advisor. Every advisor I spoke to was smart, professional and helpful. The company is actually a group of independent travel advisors, but once you work with one advisor you can continue to use that person if you choose.

Once you have shared your travel needs, your advisor will send you an e-mail with various flight options. The more willing you are to make a stop or do a longer layover, the more you might be able to save.

They can hold the seat you want for 24 hours if you want to take the time to look online and make sure you are getting the best price. For the flight I booked I was able to compare the same itinerary on the airline’s website and knew that I was saving 40% on the exact same seat.

The advisors I have worked with have been very creative in looking at various routes and times to reduce the cost of travel. Currently we are looking for European flights for a surprise trip this fall, the quote I received is several thousand dollars less, per ticket, than what I find on the airline’s website.


What You Need to Know about SkyLux Travel


I used the service personally at my own expense before I would write a sponsored review. My readers are more important to me than my clients, I’ll never recommend something I wouldn’t pay for.

SkyLux Travel has been in business for 11 years, they have 200 travel advisors. They are legit.

They can book both domestic and international flights, international is their expertise and where you’ll see the biggest savings.

Each advisor works individually, once your travel is booked anyone can help you, but during the booking process you work with one person. If you don’t book immediately set a time for a follow-up call with your advisor so you know when you’ll reconnect to finalize the booking.

Double check that all of your details make it into the booking properly, the only mistake my advisor made was not entering my frequent flier number into the reservation. Could have been an oversight, and it was easily fixed.

Overall I was very impressed by the service and the savings when traveling internationally are significant.

See for yourself – click on SkyLux Travel and review their offers and prices. You’ll never fly coach again.


discount first class airfare


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