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Spa Massage after Disneyworld at Four Seasons Orlando

four seasons Orlando spa
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You won’t find the words “relaxation” and “Disney” in many google searches. Taking kids to the parks is fun, but oh so full body tiring. My youngest has recently suggested that I start napping before our Disney trips. He clearly doesn’t know what I do all day.


If you’ve ever trudged around Disney hauling bags full of souvenirs and riding “just one more ride”, you know the fantasy of getting  a full body massage and then a good night’s sleep. Disney could make a fortune with chair massage stations for moms, but until then, the Four Seasons Orlando has a brand new massage offering that’s just what you deserve after spending a long day at the Happiest Place on Earth. Also, these are the loungers you can take a nap on after any massage at the spa. No children allowed.


four seasons Orlando spa


The brand new Sleep Ritual Massage aims to “induce a complete state of relaxation and sleep readiness, and is accompanied by a home care kit to assist with achieving the ideal sleep at home, night after night.” This is assuming your children sleep through the night, at 13 my youngest still does not, maybe he needs the home care kit?


The Sleep Ritual Massage was developed in partnership with Robert Michael deStefano, sleep wellness expert and co-founder of wellness company Longeva. The custom treatment incorporates breathing techniques that focus on seven specific somatic zones (didn’t even know I had somatic zones, this could be the problem), plus a combination of sleep-inducing botanical scents and touch therapies that are designed to be ultra-relaxing, eliminating stress and tension and creating the perfect state of sleep readiness. It’s an 80 minute massage (I would pay for an 80 minute nap) and is $360. Highly recommended to book after dinner and before bed. In fact, getting a hotel room of your own would be ideal.

“The Sleep Ritual Massage is equal parts sleep wellness education and motivation, stress detox and luxury escape,” says deStefano. “Combined with the take-home DreamKit, the treatment is a potential game-changer for parents, grandparents and anyone else who is not satisfied with their sleep.” To this I ask, I want to meet the person who IS satisfied with their sleep.

Guided by dreamy relaxation music and sleep-inducing aromas, the Sleep Ritual Massage is a multifaceted treatment that will take the guest through an incredibly relaxing journey that will sooth, stretch and expand the entire body, mind, and spirit, creating a state of total sleep readiness.

The DreamKit includes the market-first SleepCeuticals™ products used in the Ritual Massage. Along with its all-natural skin nourishers and moisturizers, SleepCeuticals features a custom, blend of 15 sleep-inducing, non-synthetic botanical extracts and essential oils. The SleepCeuticals found in the DreamKit include; Sanctify Dream Cream™, Anoint Sleep Serum™ and the Dream Mist™ spray. Added into the kit is The Sleep Ritual Music™, a downloadable sixty-minute recording of clinically studied sleep-inducing music (also used in the massage) and a simple, step-by-step guidebook written by deStefano.



four seasons Orlando spa


We have stayed at Four Seasons Orlando and I “reviewed” the spa. It’s one of my favorites. It’s HUGE. The spa environment is as important as the treatment in my opinion. These are stock photos because I was relaxing and in no mood to try and pose for some amazing awe inspiring Instagram photos. Also, 20 something “InstaModels” just stop.


There are 18 treatment rooms including four couples’ suites and two couples’ spa bungalows (am I the only one that thinks adding my husband to the spa would ruin the relaxation effect?) plus a full-service hair and nail salon. The Spa offers two co-ed relaxation lounges, plus a post-treatment Solarium room, and women’s and men’s locker rooms complete with whirlpool, steam room and Experience Shower.


I literally stood under this waterfall for an hour. I did not look this sexy. I did not care.


four seasons Orlando spa


For appointments: 407-313-6160. Because Disney doesn’t just have to be magical for the kids.



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