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Staying Safe When You Travel

women traveling alone
Read Carefully


A few small tips can help you (or your daughter) stay safe while traveling.


This story was inspired by a question I posed to followers before I sent my college aged daughter to a large city for her first overnight stay alone in a hotel. I never thought of myself as a worry wart, until now.


These tips from my readers are useful whether you are a seasoned traveler or a newbie, whether you are male, female, young or old:


Tips for Staying Safe When You Travel


  • Get a room with two beds so it’s not obvious that you are alone (from – Precia Barrett)


  • Don’t post to social media about where you are at the moment (take note Kardashians) (from – Karon Warren)


  • Add your husband’s name to the reservation whether he is with you or not, it will appear that you/she is not alone. (from-Scotty Reiss)


  • Sometimes at check in they ask for your cell number. Tell her to write it down, don’t give it verbally. (from-Karlan Frank)


  • Don’t let maintenance in while she’s in the room. (from-Christine Natale)


  • Don’t keep the key in the holder with the room number listed, make sure the phone works when you check into the room, ask for a room near the elevator. (from-Danielle Leitch)


A few products recommended by Luxury Travel Mom readers:


Door Jammer from Amazon – buy HERE women traveling alone

I plan to send my daughter off for her semester abroad with one of these extra strong door jammers. (Suggestion from Ian Leonard) Another easy solution that you can pack in a carry on is a simple rubber door stopper (from Kelly Hollowell)


Extra door lock – Addalock – buy from Amazon HERE.

women traveling alone

Several people suggested this, I had never even heard of it. Again, this is a small easy to carry device that will give you peace of mind. (suggested by Julie Beyers)


Read this, gift it to your friends, your daughters and your friend’s daughters. You will realize how we have been raised as women to be accommodating and polite, and how that can hurt us. One of my international readers pointed out that this is a particularly American phenomenon. Buy from Amazon HERE.


women traveling alone


If you have other safety tips, please comment on the Luxury Travel Mom Facebook Page and I will update this post. I am so grateful to the LTM community for such thoughtful and useful advice.


The links here do provide me with a shiny nickel if you buy from the link, though I have yet to ever collect from Amazon.


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