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Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

luxury travel mom travel capsule wardrobe
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Chicos clothing review

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Chico’s. I put together some mix and match travel looks from their clothing line and completely surprised myself and think I’m going to surprise you as well.

How to Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

  •  Stick to a color theme. Mine is always the same, khaki, blue & white.
  •  For this capsule, I added a black skirt and tank top. It’s a simple combo that you can wear on a plane, out to a fancy dinner, or on the beach.
  • Pick one outer garment that goes with everything and one bag that works for all occasions.
  • Chico’s has an entire Mix and Match section for just this purpose.


Chicos clothing review

Chico's clothing review

What to Buy or Mix in from Your Closet

  •  Pants that are comfortable enough to wear for hours on the plane but not wrinkle. The So Slimming pant line is as comfortable as a pair of yoga leggings, no buttons or zippers, really stylish and I’ve machine washed them they come out perfect. I’m wearing a Size 000, roughly equivalent to a size 2. They sent me a pair for the story, I went online and bought more. Link to the Brigitte Pants on Chico’s.
  •  Simple tank tops, I have three in this capsule, blue, black, and white. The white tank top is mine, you can never have too many, the black and blue are from Chico’s.
  • A blouse that can be a cover-up over a tank or swimsuit or worn alone. I learned this trick from a stylist, always pack a simple blue button-down and it can be worn over a tank, as a “jacket” over a dress in summer, or as a swimsuit cover-up.  This blouse from Chico’s is silky soft but doesn’t wrinkle, easy to pack, and easy to wear. I’m wearing a 00 petite, equivalent to XS. Link to Medallion Scroll Print Shirt on Chico’s.

chico's clothing review

  • A simple jacket that goes with every item in the capsule. For years the “go-to” has been a jean jacket, it goes over everything from casual clothes to cocktail dresses. This safari jacket feels like suede but it’s not heavy, it’s perfect for summer and could be worn in the fall over light sweaters. I’m wearing a 00, it’s on sale from $199 to $69.98 but this size is the only one left.   Link to Sand Safari Jacket on Chico’s.They have a Vegan Suede Moto Jacket that would also go with this look and transition to fall and winter. Link to Vegan Moto Jacket on Chico’s. 

luxury travel mom travel capsule wardrobe

  •  A shawl is the perfect piece for the airplane, over a swimsuit as a cover-up or worn over a cocktail outfit. I wore it over my swimsuit for a week and paired it with the black skirt and tank for an airplane straight to dinner look. This particular shawl sold out (because it’s fabulous) here is a similar style. Link to Shawl on Chico’s.

chico's clothing review

  • A stylish tote that can function as a carry on packed with your laptop and necessities, and then head to the beach stuffed with magazines and sunscreen.
  • A skirt or two that can work for both daytime city tours and candlelight dinners.

  • Sunglasses you can afford to lose. I’ve had Tom Ford’s fly off my head on Disney rides and my favorite Ray Ban’s drift out to sea in Haiti. These gold sunglasses are dead ringers for $ 435 Chloe sunglasses, but they’re only $29.95. Link to Chico’s Sunglasses.
  • I purposefully didn’t include shorts; I always feel more elegant in a skirt, and they are as simple to wear to the beach as shorts.

luxury travel mom Chico's clothing review

Why Chico’s?

  • They have a surprising number of great basics that are well made and won’t break the bank and an entire section of Mix and Match.
  • One of the things I love about shopping unexpected brands is not seeing every single friend in the same look.
  • The clothes are as comfortable as a pair of yoga pants, but much, much, more stylish. Their accessories are on-trend. The fringe bag beach bag I paired with every outfit is well made, has a finished interior including pocket and zip top. It’s perfect for the plane and then the beach.
  • The “So Slimming” pants are perfect for every body type. I’m a size 2 and find they fit snugly but have enough stretch to be comfortable on the plane or wrangling dogs and kids.
  • In case you’re wondering if I’m only recommending Chico’s because this is sponsored. I only recommend things I buy, use, and love. And I’m as surprised as you are that I am a new Chico’s fan, but I am.

travel capsule wardrobe

I’m wearing my Chico’s in these airport shots after driving three hours from the Catskills in a pick-up truck with boys and dogs. About 15 minutes before we got to the airport I realized I had neglected to buy one of my children a plane ticket. I think I look ok given the situation. It wasn’t that I thought white was the best choice, it’s all that was still clean. I looked much more pulled together than I felt. The pants have no buttons or zippers which came in handy while trying to use the restroom while clutching the glass of wine I bought at Shake Shack.

Many of the looks I shared here are on sale right now and I really can’t recommend these pants highly enough, I bought two more pair I like the fit and function so much. Check out all the Mix and Match looks on Chico’s.

I hired Michael Parks in South Carolina to shoot the photos, if you’re in the area I can’t recommend him highly enough. Check out his work HERE.


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