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Super Glam Jamaica All Inclusive – Bluefields Bay Villas

Super Glam Jamaica All Inclusive-Bluefields Bay Villas
Read Carefully

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When I think of all inclusive resorts, I think of bad food and drink tickets. I avoid them at all costs.

Bluefields Bay is a completely different type of all inclusive in Jamaica. It not only includes all of your food and drink, it includes a personal chef to prepare every meal. It doesn’t just include housekeeping, it includes your very own maid who is there to meet your every need. Want a drink? For breakfast? Your personal butler is ready and waiting to mix up a Jamaican style bloody mary.


luxury travel mom kim-marie evans


Bluefields Bay Villas are a collection of six luxury homes perched over the Carribean Sea. It takes a little over an hour to get there by car from Montego Bay airport. If you’re feeling rather “Trump” ish, you can book a helicopter that will drop you on the lawn of your home in a mere 15 minutes. Each secluded home is unique, but they all feature your own pool and staff (two of my favorite vacation amenities). They are all decorated with beautiful mahogany antiques and the kitchens are stocked with heirloom silver and china. If you’re going to have staff, you should really have the dishes to go along right? Oh, and the bell. They give you a bell to ring in case you need anything. They told my daughter she could even ring it at midnight for a grilled cheese. I warned her not to get any crazy ideas about trying that at home.


luxury travel mom kim-marie evans


I only brought one child with me since we were traveling over a short weekend just to review the property. When we go back, I plan to bring the whole crew as a nanny for each child is included in your nightly rate.

Go ahead and read it again, a nanny for each child is included.

Speaking of all inclusive, so are your driver, private beach and kayaks.  Really the “included” list kind of goes on and on.  Every night at sunset your attentive staff whips up a tasty appetizer for you to enjoy poolside.  Getting out of the pool is not mandatory.  Note the silver tray and cloth napkins, really I can’t get enough of this Great Gatsby vacation style.


luxury travel mom kim-marie evans


From your private villa you can enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer from zip lining at YS Falls to watching the crazy cliff divers at Rick’s cafe. You’ll then be whisked back to the comfort and luxury to which you have quickly become accustomed.  The driver is, of course, included.  Our driver, Percy, not only got us where we needed to go safely (if you’ve ever driven in Jamaica you know this is not an easy task) but he also brought us a picnic lunch when we ziplined, functioned as tour guide (he knows more about Jamaica than the President, I’m sure of it) and told my daughter there was no chance he would allow her to cliff dive at Rick’s.  She still talks about Percy, he’s the very best.

If you’re looking for that special getaway for your family, Bluefields Bay is it.  The homes very in size from two bedrooms to six.  They all come with staff, food, nannies, pools and private beach.  These are not bargain all inclusive Jamaica resorts, but they are worth every penny.  Once you arrive, you have nothing else to think about, not what’s for dinner or who’s putting the baby down for a nap.  It’s all handled for you.  You really can’t put a price on that kind of relaxation.

One of the things I loved most about Bluefields Bay is their support of the local community.  Every day they send fresh vegetables to the local schools, they built the computer lab at the local high school and they support the “basic school” we would call it pre-school.  My daughter and I were able to visit the schools and bring gifts of toys and learning supplies.

We were the guests of Bluefields Bay Villas, however the opinions expressed here are not swayed by free bloody mary’s. 



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