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8 September, 2020


Hotel Review: Le Prince Maurice in Mauritius – Paradise for Kids

Hotel Review Le Prince Maurice in Mauritius - Paradise for Kids
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Constance Hotels Le Prince Maurice

Hi guys!

Keaton recently had the chance to review Le Prince Maurice, a Constance Hotel in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

I say Keaton, because though I was to carry his bags, it was his stamp of approval they were seeking. While researching this five star tropical get away I came across phrases such as: “Experience the ultimate romantic hideaway, where stunning architectural design meets relaxed luxury.”

Were children really welcome?

Or were they tolerated as long as they didn’t mess up anyone’s romance in the middle of paradise?

Constance Hotels Le Prince Maurice Mauritius review

The check in lobby-I’m serious

Keaton gamely skipped school and flew from New York-to London-to Mauritius. What a sport right?

The reviews were right about it being idyllic, but they missed the part where children aren’t just welcomed, they are completely adored.

Le Prince Maurice Constance Hotels Mauritius

Never a dirty look for splashing-or squealing

Le Prince Maurice Mauritius

Recovering from jet lag

The Kids’ Club is branded for Le Petits Princes (totally not making that up). It is open all day, is free, and you drop them off whenever you want for as long as you want. My children have never liked kids’ clubs, I couldn’t even get them to go to the one on the Disney Cruise ship. Keaton wanted to go to this one EVERY day. Why? Because he was treated like a little king there.

Meet Corine.

Le Prince Maurice

Yes, I begged her to come home with us

It is said that the Mauritians are warm. That is an understatement. There is a gentleness of spirit and kindness that is never contrived. Initially Keaton wanted nothing to do with Kid’s Club, after spending a day with Corine I couldn’t get him to leave. Is it any wonder? She took him water skiing, and would wait on the beach with a towel to snuggle him up in.

When he wanted to tool around in the pedal boat, Corine gamely hopped on.

Le Prince Maurice

She really seemed happy to do it-I was happy to watch

An afternoon of glass bottom boat riding? But of course. And she fed him fresh fruit from skewers while pointing out Dorie below.

Seriously, I can’t compete.

But it wasn’t just the Kids’ Club personnel who welcomed him with open arms, it was every staff member from the General Manager to the housekeeper. Very few people knew we were there to do a review. Also, they didn’t expect tips. Do I sound jaded? There was truly nothing beyond the pale that this child could ask for.

Sushi grade tuna for “his” stay cat:

Le Prince Maurice Mauritius

Shhh….kitty stalking

Endless drinks at the swim up bar:

Le Prince Maurice Mauritius

Why yes I’d like another virgin Pina Colada-merci

He even accompanied me to the spa. He was hungry, so they ordered Nutella crepes for him (natch). Then applauded his sugar high induced gymnastics routine:

Le Prince Maurice

I LOVE Nutella!!!!!

He was welcome at dinner at the floating Barachois, in the Wine Cellar and for Shabu Shabu. Children’s food was always offered and a pashmina was wrapped around his shoulders when he was cold or tired.

Le Prince Maurice

The floating Barachois-a shark named Jonny B Good lives below

Childrens’ activities include:

Waterskiing (they teach them in the most amazing way-on a flexible board with a gentle pull from the sandy beach in to bath temperature warm water)
Paddle Boarding
Glass Bottom Boat rides
Golf Putting Range
Kids’ Club
Kids’ Spa Packages

But really, any activity can include children. Although he was not allowed to saber the champagne bottle. He asked.

We took a little field trip to the local market in search of carved dodo birds. All of the vendors were also incredibly sweet to him, offering him lychees, coconut water and the chance to hold dried octopus. This market was unlike any I had ever been to. They sold the same fresh produce, linens, spices and random goods, but no one was aggressive in any way. I left convinced that if I had lost Keaton I would certainly find him spread out on some lovely lady’s sequined fabric while she fanned him to sleep.


Still not sure what you do with dried octopus

I’m not often completely surprised by a hotel. The warm embrace we’ve received at Le Prince Maurice has really caught me off guard in the most fabulous way. Keaton gives it two thumbs way up. Any family looking for an exotic locale with perfect weather where they can feel completely safe with their children could not go wrong here.

Keaton and I are on assignment to make a video for Constance Hotels about the family experience here. Spoiler alert. It’s going to be full of fabulosity. Constance Hotels is hosting us, Air Mauritius flew us here, and we are being compensated for our work. But as I’ve said before, all travel is free to Keaton and his opinion cannot be bought.


What’s New?

Is it Safe to Visit Disney?

8 September, 2020


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