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How to Stay Warm on the Slopes – Mobile Warming Gear-10% off

How to Stay Warm on the Slopes - Mobile Warming Gear-10% off
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When I first heard that battery heated vests were a real thing – I didn’t believe it. Could such a magical garment exist?

It does, and it is fabulous. In fact they have a whole line of battery heated gear, so far I have only tried the vests. When I woke up this morning it was minus 4 – I’m hoping their R&D team is working on a full body suit.

I’m a southern girl who loves to ski, and living on the east coast that means braving temps that are often below zero and come with frost bite warnings. Many of my friends choose to stay inside and sip cocktails by the roaring fire. I would always rather be on the mountain. But how to stay warm when you are small and really built for days lounging by the pool with a margarita?

Over the years I have perfected a “warming system”. It involves layers that go on in a certain order, and a whole lot of charcoal heaters. Stuck to my toes, jammed in my gloves, on my lower back, and yes, even here:


The downside is that I wear so many layers I often look like the Michelin tire man, and these little heating pads aren’t cheap. Especially when you use them by the dozen. I also have battery operated heaters in my boots. I feel like bionic ski mom.

After purchasing a battery operated vest and struggling to understand the battery, I reached out to the folks at Mobile Warmning Gear, they sent me two new vests to try (different from the Chinese brand I had struggled with).

The vests are light weight and the wires run up the front and the back, all you do is attach your little battery pack and voila-you are your own personal heater. The battery packs are easy to charge and the charge seems to last for a long time. I bought the vest to ski in but find that I am now wearing my new vests daily (did I mention it’s minus 4 here today?)

What I love about them:

  • They are slim fitting and stylish
  • They fit easily under a larger jacket without making me look bulky or pregnant
  • They are freaking warm

They also have golf attire and there is a 50% off sale on their website. I wore my vest to my daughter’s ski race the other day, while I couldn’t stay outside for more than about 30 minutes, I didn’t even need a jacket over my vest.


The batteries are small and easy to use. Just charge them up with the wall charger and then connect them to your vest, the wire attachment is in a pocket.


If you struggle to stay warm or are just tired of wearing a ridiculous amount of layers, I highly recommend the Mobile Warming Gear technology. You can pick up a vest right now for $79.99, or roughly a week’s worth of toe warmers for me. Use the code “LuxMom10” for an additional 10% off.

I received two vests to review from Mobile Warming Gear in return for a review, be it good or bad. So far it’s all good. I haven’t tried to wash the vest yet, I’ll let you know.



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