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29 September, 2020

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Ten Reasons to Rent Ski Clothes

how to rent ski clothes
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how to rent ski clothes


Ten Reasons To Rent Ski Clothes


You only ski only a year.

Your kids are growing, sometimes halfway through the ski season.

You don’t want to pack the gear and haul it to your destination.

You’ve never skied and don’t know what gear you need or which brands you like.

You recently had a baby or are losing weight and don’t want to buy clothes right now.

You don’t like wearing the same look two trips in a row (your Instagame matters).

You live in a warm climate and don’t need to own boots and heavy jackets.

This is your first time skiing and you don’t know if you’ll even like it.

You’re a millenial, you don’t own stuff.

Buying all the gear to ski is EXPENSIVE. See graphic below.

how to rent ski clothes

How To Rent Ski Clothes


Rent your jacket, pants, gloves, and goggles from KitLender. They stock everything from designer jackets to fur-lined Sorel boots. You can’t rent base layers, but you can buy them as a set at a discount from them.


how to rent ski clothes


Choose a full kit


Go online and find the right kit for you. They have great brands like Northface, Skea, Patagonia, and Spyder.  They range in price from about $28 per day for a kid kit (there is a 3 day minimum).


Have it Shipped to Your Home or the Hotel


My favorite feature of KitLender is the ability to have all your gear shipped directly to the ski resort. When your vacation is over, put the gear back in the box, slap on the provided label,call FedEx and they’ll pick it up. It’s that easy. No hauling piles of gear, no laundry, no problem.

how to rent ski clothes

Just rent the items you need


Rent just a jacket or just boots, they rent most items individually. You can also buy base layers and have them included in your rental shipment. The kits included thermal bottoms, tops, socks, handwarmers and gators. Not a skier? A gator goes around your neck to keep you warm, and yes everyone needs base layers unless you are skiing in California in the springtime.

how to rent ski clothes

how to rent ski clothes

Place Your Order


Go to to place your order. Rentals are 3-day minimum. If you rent longer, the daily price drops. Decide you like it so much you want to keep it? They have a card in the box with the retail price of your KIT. Just call them up so they know that you’re keeping the gear and they’ll charge the card on file.

Shipping is included, your order will arrive by 8pm the day before your rental starts


KitLender Review


We’ve been renting from KitLender since 2014. Every experience has been amazing, the clothes are always in great shape, sometimes they are new with tags.  The kids are comepletley Kitted out in KitLender in this pic from last winter. Sometimes the rentals are comped and sometimes they are not, this is not a sponsored post, but rather me sharing with you a brilliant solution that I highly recommend.

They just launched an affiliate program so if you click on any of the links in this post when you rent, I’ll get a little thank you. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer, send me a note at


how to rent ski clothes






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