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Rent Ski Clothes

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Rent ski clothes



Now you can not only rent skis, you can rent ski clothes.


Going skiing for the first time and not sure your kids will like it, so you don’t want to drop a few g’s on ski clothes? Rent ski clothes.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to hit the slopes, but the thought of buying all the gear before you even figure out how to ride a chairlift, let alone put on skis, is overwhelming? Rent skis, boots and helmets when you get to the mountain. Rent your jacket, pants, gloves and goggles from Kitlender. You’ll have to buy base layers, my kids have skied with sweats as a base layer and I often wear Lululemon. The one thing I highly recommend buying are good ski socks, cold wet feet are no fun.


Maybe you live in Texas and you’re just headed to Aspen for the weekend. You’ll never need that winter coat again (lucky you), this Skea number is sure to impress.


rent ski clothes


I came across Kitlender while doing research for a TV segment about family skiing tips. It occurred to me that one of the biggest hurdles for families who want to try skiing is the investment in gear, the smart folks at Kitlender had already thought of that. The service is really brilliant.


How it works:


Choose a full kit:


Go online and find the right kit for you. They have great brands like Kjus, Skea, Obermeyer, Oakley and Spyder.  They range in price from about $69 for a three day rental to around $450 for a season rental of the outfit below. Use code LuxuryTravelMom10 for a 10% discount. Rent at They have kits for men, women, boys and girls.



rent ski clothes


Just rent the items you need:


Maybe you have something you can borrow from a friend, or your child has a few items but you just need a jacket or pants, you can rent just what you need. This jacket for boys rents for $25 for 3 days, to buy it retail would be $125-$170.


rent ski clothes

These cargo ski pants from Skea for little girls are the cutest. The pants are $25 for 3 days, it’s like Rent the Runway, but for the slopes. My daughter and I both own Skea jackets, they are my fave for fashion and warmth.


rent ski clothes

Decide how long you want to keep your kit and place your order:


You can rent ski clothes for as little as a 3 day ski weekend or for the entire season. Decide you like it so much you want to keep it? They have a card in the box with the retail price of your KIT. Just call them up so they know that you’re keeping the gear and they’ll charge the card on file.


Shipping is included, your order will arrive by 8pm the day before your rental starts. You can even ship your gear directly to the hotel or resort where you will be skiing. When you’re done, you put it back in the box, slap the label on and call FedEx, they’ll pick it up. It’s that easy.


I rented kits for two of my boys for this weekend. One boy lost his brand new Kjus jacket, I know, why did I buy it? The other child grows about 6 inches a month and absolutely nothing fits him. He’s the one child in our family who isn’t really gung ho on skiing, I force him to join us for long weekends. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on gear he’ll wear a few times and then outgrow, I thought I’d try renting.


Our kits arrived on time, nicely packaged, with return labels. I doubt that every item rented is new with tags on, but ours were. They guarantee that all the clothes are new to the season so you won’t be renting some tired old jacket that’s seen it’s share of wear and tear.



rent ski clothes

rent ski clothes


Wondering what to pack, where to ski, and most importantly, how to make hot cocoa into a cocktail? I produced the fab Family Ski and Snowboard guide with Momtrends and Savvysassymoms to answer all your questions. Download the packing list and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years now and I’m happy to answer any questions about getting your child to ski school or how many pairs of socks to pack.


This is not a sponsored post however I did receive my clothing rentals for the opportunity to review them. I think this is one of the most brilliant solutions I have seen for ski moms and am excited to share it with you.



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