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Sundance Film Festival Tickets – How to Get Them, What to Wear, Everything You Need to Know

Sundance Film Festival Tickets
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This is a guest post by the fabulous Mrs. DJ Duckworth, the newest Luxury Travel Mom. The way she travels makes me look like a hobo, and her background in TV Journalism makes her a natural fit for this site. She recently took in The Sundance Film Festival, for the sixth time. She gives the scoop on how to get Sundance Film Festival Tickets, what to wear and where to spa. You can make it happen whether you’re a newbie or if you have “people”.

Sundance Film Festival

The ultimate ticket

After six years at the Sundance Film Festival, it is safe to say I am a veteran of the experience from top to bottom…almost. I will let you in on the “almost” part later on.

As far as the films, restaurants, shopping, accommodations and spas, I have this trip mastered. It didn’t start out that way our first year, when I arrived without tickets to any of the films and a deep fear of getting on skis.

With some help from the superb concierge team with Exclusive Resorts, who we travel with, I figured out the festival ticket scene and scored a great ticket package for the following year. You see, getting tickets to the films is a lot like getting into a private New York City school.

There is an application process, a lottery that involved three different dates and then the final tickets selection process. It’s a tedious process that takes some thought, time and money and a dash of good luck! Check out Kim-Marie’s post on Snowmamas for the scoop on getting tickets when you don’t have “people”.

Sundance Film Festival

How the beautiful people see films

Deciding which films to see is an in depth research project, at least for me. I learned after that first year, if you don’t put in the time to research the films you may very well end up seeing some total crap on the silver screen. For example, that first year I saw a film that involved two guys who were neighbors in LA. One was out of a job and enjoyed dressing up as a clown while the guy next door would spend the afternoons giving him hand jobs and various other sexual favors. The second centered around this couple in B.F.E. Alaska. On a drug enhanced ride back home, the woman in the film is decapitated by a mail box as she hangs her head out of the truck window while her boyfriend drives. I hate it when bad films happen to me. There is no way to get those four hours of my life back. A little research is a good thing.

Sundance Film Festival

So pretty-but not dressed to ski

About three years into this trek out West, I gave up on skiing all together. I really wanted to enjoy it and had dreams of sliding down the mountain in Deer Valley with my husband, stopping to take in the majestic scenery and then making our way to the bar at the bottom of the slopes and then hitting the hot tub. Sounds perfectly entertaining and sexy, right?

It was for a while and then I realized that I really do not like to ski. I was actually doing more yoga relaxation work to get myself down the mountain than skiing. So I hung up my skis one afternoon and that was the end of my downhill skiing life. Letting go of this ski fantasy freed up more time and resources to enjoy the spa at The Montage in Deer Valley and more films at the festival. So in this one area of Sundance, I am not a veteran. I can’t do it all!

Sundance Film Festival

Montage Deer Valley

(Luxury Travel Mom note: I have skied during the Film Festival, never saw a single movie and had some of the best powder days of my life because cute girls like DJ were busy at the spa!)
I highly recommend Park City and Deer Valley during the Sundance Film Festival. There are so many things for the entire family to enjoy from skiing, dining, spa-ing, shopping and just chilling on Main Street with the eclectic crowd of film makers, actors and industry movers and shakers!

Sundance Film Festival

Shopping in Park City is WAY better than you expect

Oh, what to pack? In my photo I’m in what I call my Sundance wardrobe wearing my Monclear puffer, Vince fur vest, Hudson skinny jeans, Manrico black cashmere sweater, Rachel Comey booties, Oliver Peoples aviators and Khirma Eliazov handbag. I wore some version of this the entire trip. As did just about everyone else in Utah last week! Luxury Travel Mom, Kim-Marie, often asks what I’m wearing, so I thought I’d include it in the post.  (And I love it, because I can be seen wandering Park City in my long johns and boots-so not glam.)

Sundance Film Festival

View from inside the Montage-did she mention she doesn’t ski?

Keep up with DJ’s adventures at She can be found on Facebook at DJ Cunningham Duckworth and she tweets @mrsdjduckworth. She posts some amazing travel photos along side some seriously mundane selfies on Instagram. DJ lives in Manhattan with her family and the worlds most amazing wiener dog, Leo!

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