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Atlantis – Where to Stay

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There are several choices for hotel rooms at The Atlantis. You might think I would tell you to stay away from the budget options, not true. Every vacation serves a purpose. If it’s a quick trip and you want to save the money you would spend on a room so  you can try your luck at the casino? Stay in Beach or Coral. Planning a big family holiday and want to relax with plenty of space and comfort? Stay at the Reef. Here’s a quick guide to each tower:



Living room in a Reef suite


The Reef Atlantis


These are condo style rooms, they have tons of space and a full kitchen. Even the smallest rooms have a kitchen set up. If you are traveling with a large family, especially if you have a baby and need extra space, the Reef is perfect.


Pros: Access to the private and quiet Cove pool. A place to cook breakfast and lunch for the kids. Lots of space. Double pro – there is a Starbucks in the lobby – and they open early. Enough said.


The Reef Atlantis is an entirely new way to experience Atlantis — beachside. Located directly on Paradise Beach, guests enjoy miles of white sand and ocean in their backyard with all the wonder and excitement of Atlantis on their front doorstep.


Cons: No access to the adults only Cain pool at The Cove. If this matters to you, you need to book a room at The Cove, there is no way to buy access to the pool. I tried.



Lobby at the Cove – much swankier than The Reef


A standard suite at the Cove – when we came with all four kids we booked two of these


The Cove


This is the most luxurious of all the choices, it feels like a swank South Beach getaway. All the suites are oversized with ocean views. When we traveled to Atlantis as a family for the first time (not a media trip-all at our own expense) we booked two suites at The Cove. There is an outer door that can be closed and it gives you private space and we had plenty of room for all four kids. It’s my favorite of the towers, I always think I’ll use the kitchen and then end up ordering room service. If there’s no kitchen I don’t feel guilty not cooking.


Pros: Access to both the Cove family pool and the Cove adult pool “Cain”. Truly luxurious.


Cons: It’s pricey and you don’t have a kitchen for cheerio and milk storage.



Royal Towers


This is the iconic tower you see in all the ads, when your kids are begging for Atlantis, this is what they mean.


Pros: It’s in the middle of everything, the Dig is just downstairs, so is the casino, it’s the hot place to be both day and night. It’s less expensive than the Cove or Reef.





The Dig is in the lobby area of the Royal Tour, you can see amazing marine life and there is a whole tour including a touch tank and a story about the original Atlanteans who lived here. I am not sure why Keaton believed that this hotel was really rediscovered from the lost world of Atlantis and they had the original dive suits, but it was so cute I didn’t correct him. This could be a problem come SAT time.


Cons: I have to be honest and say I’ve never stayed in one of these rooms because I want access to the private Cove pool. You may not care, we spend 90% of our time in the water parks, the Cove pool is really for my sanity. If you rent a cabana, you really don’t need it (the private pool I mean, you always need your sanity).



Royal Tower room


Beach and Coral Towers


These are the budget options. Fun fact, the property used to be owned by Merv Griffin (you get a prize if you know who I’m talking about) and the original tower is still in use.


Pros: They are inexpensive. You get access to all the water parks, slides, etc.

Cons: They are not luxurious.


Check out my video on the Atlantis YouTube channel with more information on which tower to choose and get an inside peek at the rooms.



Always check the Atlantis Website Special Offers – they run great deals with extra nights and extra amenities.


We were hosted at Atlantis hired to help them create a video series to help families plan their vacations. Editorial is not sponsored.



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