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29 September, 2020

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What to Pack for Atlantis, Bahamas

Read Carefully

Headed to Atlantis in the Bahamas? Lucky you! My children LOVE this resort. It has something for every age. My little kids love the dolphins and sea lions, my teenagers love the Leap of Faith, and my 18 year old loves that she’s legal to gamble and “hit the club” in the Bahamas. I love some of this more than others. This video will show you what you need to pack for everyone including mom (hint-sexy heels for the night your teen drags you to the club) so you all have an amazing vacation at Atlantis Bahamas.


I can’t recommend sun hats, sun shirts and water shoes enough. The sun is scorching and so is the ground. Your kids WILL NOT care, they will keep going. Cover them up and let them have a ball. There is nothing like the exhausted sleep of a 10 year old who has gone on a water slide 200 times. It’s glorious.


Looking for more help with packing? Download my FREE packing lists for the entire family. Pass them out and put them in charge!


We were hired by Atlantis to create a series of videos to help moms with their vacation planning, this is one of the videos, it’s the only one we shot ourselves. I believe it is clear that I am working with a non-union crew. Do not feel sorry for the camera girl, she was paid when I agreed to go out with her at midnight. Do you know how late midnight is people?






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